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Dangerous places to have dates

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  • Dangerous places to have dates

    As a couple, we could plan to travel, and we think of places where it would look like a paradise on Earth. Those are the places where we would want to pack our bags and head to. But sometimes, we are too adventurous that we could risk our lives just to travel to places which are not tourist-friendly. So, if given a chance to travel to those dangerous places and have dates there, where would it be and why?

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    In Afghanistan. They say that it is a dangerous country as violence are rampant. Still, they say that it is nice country. Sometimes, we need to explore places which are in contrast to what we have and what we are used to. I believe that it would a thrilling adventure to go there to visit the places and just some dates.


    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      Maybe it would be nice to take my date there as well in Afghanistan, it would be a rare kind of date seeing things that we don't normally see everyday.

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    How about Iraq? They say that it is a dangerous place there. Bombs are exploding here and there. Kinda scary!


    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      Those places are really dangerous and I don't think people will never find peace there. Nope, I don't want to be in those kinds of places. This is actually a serious thing.

    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      Lol. Would you still go to Iraq when the possibility of missile attacks is high? Would you still go out while the missiles are passing overboard?

    • 4never
      4never commented
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      I do not think that you could easily go to Iraq. Are tourists even allowed to visit that country?

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    Is North Korea considered to be dangerous? I do not think so, but I guess that I would like to have some dates there. They say that food in good restaurants taste good.


    • rennie32
      rennie32 commented
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      Well, they are under dictatorship by their leader, and as a tourist to that place, they are watching every move you make. You cannot simply leave your hotel room without a tour guide, because if you do not follow basic rules, you two will be punished.

    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      It is a non-friendly environment there for tourists but I might as well take the risk to see it for myself. Let's see if my date and I can stay long in that place.

    • AddyWilliams
      AddyWilliams commented
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      No. It is not a dangerous country. It is restrictive but not dangerous. And yes, you could be a tourist there but that would depend on your citizenship. There are citizens of some countries where they are not allowed to visit.

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    I'll go to the Amazon River and see actual piranhas there. My date and I would pack some food and would try to catch one just to see how'd they look like lol!


    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      Do not get any closer to those things, yes, they can actually eat you alive. Just be fucking careful, I am warning you Shanti55

    • JessaMINELO
      JessaMINELO commented
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      Catch one? Are you sure with that one? What if you were bitten by that fish? You could not easily go to a clinic for medical care.

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    I'd go to an island that has an active volcano in it, we'll get to see if there would be sudden earthquakes or it would be just a normal volcano that is about to erupt lol.


    • NYCutie
      NYCutie commented
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      People usually go on a ship cruise then they'll capture one of those volcanoes that will soon erupt. I've seen the footage before somewhere online and it looks awesome yet dangerous.

    • PinkDeedee
      PinkDeedee commented
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      But you would not be able to go near a volcano that is about to erupt. Authorities do not allow people to go near those sites.

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    Can we go to one of Japan's famous places called The Suicide Forest? I know it is creepy because deep into those woods the souls of those who took their own lives still lingers there and as you go further, you start to feel a bit of paranoia like hearing and seeing things.


    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      That would be thrilling, I might as well take my partner there with me. I bet that he's a scaredy-cat and I'll be the one who manages to save his ass lol.

    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      It would be like any forest. There is nothing special aside from the fact that people committed suicides. Still, I do not think that you would feel strange things.

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    How about if we go to Snake Island in Brazil, lol, I know that my date would not want to go there, but does she have any other choice? I want to go there with her and we'll be searching for one of their most dangerous snakes out there called the Golden Lancehead.


    • doggygirl
      doggygirl commented
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      I hope that you're joking, I think your date might even dump you for that lol. It's dangerous there but then again to answer this query, I think I might be your date for this one.

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    I want to be in those hot and dry deserts. It is dangerous to be alone in those deserts where you can't see anything but sand. Usually in those deserts, they also have sandstorms too.


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      Can I consider bringing my date on top of Mt. Everest? I've heard that some people are frozen to their deaths and it would be interesting for us to see those dead people along the way.


      • Marsha42
        Marsha42 commented
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        You won't see those frozen people who died there. They are located on the hard-to-reach places as most who died there were never retrieved due to the remoteness of the ravines that they fell on to.

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      I'd like to have a roadtrip with my date at the death road. Extremely dangerous terrain but the view is so worth it but of course the twist is we might end up losing our life.