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  • Date at the bar

    There comes a time when some of you would plan a great place to go on a date. Well, here's a suggestion to you guys, since I've been with a long term girlfriend before (now EX-girlfriend, lol) and we're both into drinking, we decided to go on a date at the bar. We had a great time drinking and sharing stories until we got wasted. It's like we get the feeling of just being friends happily drinking at the bar talking about anything wholesome and nothing related to our relationship as BF and GF. So, what do you guys think?

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    It's good to have someone you have same interests as you mentioned about your ex that loves to drink, well, take her out at the bar. It sounds like a good time for both of you, but what if my future boyfriend does not drink? That's no problem for me, we can go to amusement parks, art museums, or a nice picnic out in the park will do.


    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      Then, how about your hobby? Would you drink alone at a bar? Some men would hit you up when you drink alone.

    • partyhard6
      partyhard6 commented
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      It would be perfect if both of you would have similar interests as the two of you would get along very easily.

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    If the break up went fine in the past then you could still do these kinds of stuffs. Otherwise, you could not even send an invitation to that ex of yours, right?
    Anyway, having some chats while drinking would be nice to have and you could relax there while having some stories to share.


    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      That's the thing about drinking, you get to tell stories to each other which is a pretty good vibe. I always feel like drinking and talking to someone, I hope I could find that someone who I can spend some time with, just like this.

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    Date at a bar for two? That would be so boring. There would be only the two of you drinking and chatting. Why not invite some friends over? The more, the merrier.


    • AbsTrack
      AbsTrack commented
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      If you invite some friends then there would be no intimacy anymore. The purpose of that couple date had already been defeated.

    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      At the bars and clubs, a group is the common one that you normally see and not a couple.

    • Cransha30
      Cransha30 commented
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      No, I do not like dates on the bars. There are drunk people all over the place.

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    If going to the bar is like once a month then I think that it would be fun and not be that boring as you would have lots to talk. It would not be nice when you would do it every week as you would get tired of it.


      ONENINE commented
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      But could you even talk on the bars? The music is loud and the people are noisy.

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    What I can say is that, you guys started as friends before being in a relationship. So I think it's normal to talk like friends and talk about wholesome things.


    • Olga78
      Olga78 commented
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      There's more to a relationship than just sex, it's nice to know that someone like you enjoys wholesome things and you two can discuss it over dinner or drinks at bars. It's like how I manage my former relationships, we do other activities that are not sex or love related, just like two friends hanging out, that's all.

    • Shanti55
      Shanti55 commented
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      Wholesome talks only? Why not talk about naughty and horny things, too? That would even be more exciting.

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    I have experienced a date in a bar before and what I can say is it is totally not a good idea. My boyfriend (at that time) went to a bar and I got drunk so I ended up talking about my insecurities and my issues regarding him. It was totally humiliating.


    • Shaialyn23
      Shaialyn23 commented
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      Did he hear you out? Or did he temporarily turned off his hearing? Lol. I do not like friends ranting while they are drunk. I hate those drama queens.

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    Couldn't you be a gentleman? You could have taken her to a fine dining restaurant instead of a bar. But I do think that alcohol can really make people happy and talk about anything under the sun.


    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      Yes, when you are drunk you could talk about anything. Still, I would prefer to have it in a fine restaurant. I would be able to eat out good food.

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    Well, if you feel like it would be better for the both of you to just remain friends, then might as well break up already. And maybe that way, you'll genuinely be happier with each other.


    • doggygirl
      doggygirl commented
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      True. Maybe being in a BF/GF relationship does not suit you at all. Though it is still your choice. You can still remain friends if you break up, right?

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    Yeah, it would be good to have my girlfriend on a drinkng spree. The only problem is when we get wasted. It would be hard to deal with a drunk woman. It would be hard to take care of a drunk woman.


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      What I do not like in the bars and clubs? The noise. The music and noise are so loud that you won't be able to hear what the other people are telling you without keeping your voice loud.