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Dating on an amusement park

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  • Dating on an amusement park

    Had anyone here tried to have their date on amusement parks? Like riding on a roller coaster and felt dizzy after falling from the high falls and multiple curves? Some would even vomit and pass out.

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    Going to an amusement park is a fun thing to do. Lots of people and lots of things to try out and lots of people walking around. But I won't ride on those roller coasters anymore. I had learned from my lessons. No matter how enticing they are, I won't ride anymore.


    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      Why would you not ride on a roller coaster anymore? Did you have a bad experience in the past?

    • PinkDeedee
      PinkDeedee commented
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      Okay, roller coasters are no for you already. How about for the other rides?

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    Riding on a roller coaster is one of the funnest activity around. I like the high drops where people would go on screaming as they fall from the top of the platform.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      Did your date also scream when it was the time to fall down from the top?

    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      But there there some accidents where people were stranded in mid-air. What would you do if that happens to you?

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    I think those are just for the younger ones. You could not expect the grandpas and grandmas to be riding on those roller coasters, right? Although, they could just be strolling around and watching the area and go on and eat at the food stalls inside the amusement part.


    • WendyShakes
      WendyShakes commented
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      Are you the type that does not enjoy amusement rides? Or because you're just scared of watching too much Final Destination? Lol

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    Accidents could happen. You might be at the top of the roller coaster then a sudden malfunction happens. Well, anyway, as long as you have a life insurance the you are good to go.


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      Yes, a date actually took to me to an amusement park before. It was actually one of the best dates that I had in my life


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        I would prefer to go on state fairs rather than those established amusement parks. Because I don't want to spend most of my day falling in line on the rides


        • PussyGalore
          PussyGalore commented
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          Rides are the cherry on top of every amusement park. Are you afraid of heights sweetlove?

        • PurpleElla
          PurpleElla commented
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          Did you have bad experiences with the amusement parks?

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        I've tried taking my date to the amusement park and I didn't know he was afraid of rides especially heights. But he did conquer his fear by riding the octopus with me. On the next three epic rides, I went there alone because he nearly peed his pants.


        • AmethystRockStar
          AmethystRockStar commented
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          What a weak man. How embarrassing on his part that he nearly peed his pant. I guess you were the only one who enjoyed the rides while he was having a bad time of his life waiting for you while you had the rides.