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  • Date abroad?

    I have a friend. They went to a country somewhere in Latin America. I would not name it anymore as to protect their place. People might say that I would be damaging their country should I indicate the specific country. Anyway, so they went ahead with their vacation. They were dismayed that the resort was not really nice even if the tour company marketed it to be a paradise on earth. One night, while she was walking around the resort, someone grabbed her. She woke up after few hours - assaulted, bloodied and left to die.
    Her story is not unique as other people share similar scenarios during their visits in other Latin American countries, too. While those are more common in Latin American countries, it is not confined there as it could happen in other countries, too.
    No doubt that other countries have places worth visiting but would you still consider to have dates in countries where security is questionable?

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    Are these on the news? I do not see something like what you said. But anyway, I think that if we go and visit some places, we should select the safe places where tourists would not be endangered. I would still love to have dates abroad while seeing some new places, as well.


    • Jennstone71
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      It's really hard to tell if a place is safe or not. Sometimes, it's just a stroke of bad luck.

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    Let me just say that dates abroad is pretty big deal. Why do you call it a date anyway? It's more of a honeymoon.


    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      Not all couples who go abroad have their honeymoons. Most would go out of the country to just visit places and make good times while travelling.

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    A good marketing can make a piece of shit look like gold. So always go for reviews in multiple sources.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Some travel agencies would do anything to market bad places just for them to have profits to the detriment of their clients.

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    Maybe I will but not on peak seasons. It may be not the ideal time but it's worth it more than being dead.


    • Brittney01
      Brittney01 commented
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      What would you gonna see there during the off peak season? There would be few people on the off peak season because that is time of the year when nothing good could be seen due to, well, the season is not conducive for visiting. The off peak season could either be, too hot, too snowy or too rainy to enjoy the visit.

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    If you want to go abroad for a vacation with dates on the side, then just select the countries where tourists are safe. In that way, your security would not be compromised.


    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      But the countries which do not have tight securities have the most beautiful sites to offer. So, I think there would be some trade offs in choosing safe places.

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    If you are concerned with your security, then you could travel domestically, instead. There would be some good places to visit inside your country. It could even be cheaper and less hassle but not always, of course.


    • PurpleElla
      PurpleElla commented
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      Travelling domestically would be fine but they would miss something if they do not go abroad. There are other things which could only be experienced outside of the country.

    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      PurpleElla they can have that out of the country trip if have saved enough money already

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    I think the one who's at fault in this is the resort and company who suggested for them to book that resort.


    • MKellyK
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      But the tour company and the resort would not have any control on the possible actions of the people inside the resort.