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    Really wish that we could load way more photos on our profiles. Feel like one is just not enough to get an idea of what a person looks like and it's too hard to choose between the photos to pick the best one to use. On the other hand, we don't want to be surpised especially when girls have photos with filters and everything. Other guys feel the same way

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    The photo limit is a real drag especiallly since we're all visual people and we need to see what we're getting before we message them. Lighting can make a huge difference for photos so I need to see a lot to make my decision. Im not gonna make any choices to be with someone if I don't like what they look like which is why the photos are useful. If there was a way that we could load up dozens of photos instead of just a profile that would be so much better


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      Photos are super important otherwise how can you figure out which guy or girl you should pick


      • darkside9
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        nah, there is color coded which is girl or boy here.

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      You guys should upload photos here, I like those nudes.


      • Jazza76
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        Do you have one? dm me I like those too. maritte029

      • maritte029
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        I don't have nudes, but I can send you nudes from the internet. Jazza76

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      You can post anything you like.


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        Does anyone here are into hot sex massage? I am really curious if you guys are into that service.