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Can outsiders see my SoNaughty profile?

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  • Can outsiders see my SoNaughty profile?

    Is it possible for outsiders who are not members of SoNaughty to look into my profile? I don't want people who aren't on this site to see that I'm on here. I'm new to the whole online dating thing, so I'm a bit concerned. I have friends and family who doesn't know that I'm seeing people and I want that to remain that way. I really liked what I heard about SoNaughty, but I just wanted to check before I created my profile on here. Please help me get rid of this concern. I look forward to hearing from members. Thanks!

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    Your privacy is well protected so don't worry about that it's something that I worried about when I first tried to join SoNaughty, but my concerns were laid to rest. I think there are so many members who keep their online dating life separate from their personal lives and I think the people who created this site knows that fact very well.


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      How can you be sure that we really are safe in this site?

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    Not at all! Just get your profile done and start meeting people. The only way that someone that you know in real life can know that you're here is if they are also a member. So you don't have to worry. About anyone finding out. I mean even if someone finds out, they aren't going to talk about it because that means their cover will be blown too haha welcome to SoNaughty!!


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      Thanks guys!! I really feel a lot better and now I can get my profile made and start talking to people. Good luck to you all


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        Just like what timothy_35 said, They will only see you here if they're a member too.


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          Always be safe than sorry. Don't put too much information that can give away who you are.


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            If you're that worried on people knowing things about you, Then don't put it here. Lol. Easy.