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Can someone look at my profile please???

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  • Can someone look at my profile please???

    I'm looking for someone who can look at my profile and see if it's good or not. Tried online dating before on another site and I wasn't having a good time there so now I want to try again but do it right. That's why I'm looking for second opinions on my profile and how effective it is

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    My name's Robert and I was unable to even see it profile online but did catch the photo of u and I think it very sexy not really sure how all this online dating goes cause I've never tried it before so what r u looking to do on this Web page r u trying to fall in love or casual dating or just friends one night stands what is it your looking for here please let me no so I will no if it someone I might try to hook up with


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      Glad that you've come to join us here in the forum

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    Do you mean your profile here?


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      If you're talking about your profile in here, I can say is that you're beautiful, but I think your pic is a little blurry that I can't see your face clearly. But overall I think you're pretty.


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        As for me, you look pretty. But if you try to upload some photo of yours that are more clear.