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  • Honesty matters

    Write what you`re looking for, I being bisexual have written it right up there to make it easier for all those here. At times many are afraid to come out of the closet so they can`t really be like hey in to dicks as well? Or want some good lickin by a chick on your pussy tonight? I guess some are scared to come out whereas some are like me who don`t give a fuck to what others say. So, babies put it out in your bio! There is no judgement here:*

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    Cool.. loving the way you approach it. Being bi is even tough in this world how people judge you but you're right, there's no point of being afraid of them and one's gotta do what one's gotta do.


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      Being Bi is a challenge but I think we need more people who can really come out in the open and say it. I really like how people are open about being gay or lesbians these days and I really think that's how it should be. What the fuck does that matter to others like it's not their problem? No one should hide their sexuality on these websites because that's what you came for in the first place. So any Bi's out there looking for some quality time?


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        Most people I have met run away from bi people, idk why. My friends keep asking if I am sure, that I might be confused and that they get awkward around me. Like I have male friends too whom I love in a totally non sexual way so idk why my friends get all cranky. Plus people kinda assume that I am always up for threesomes. I know that it's the best thing for a bi but it isn't that I'm always looking for it or you can call me up anytime.


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          The major problem is that no one legitimately believes that you are Bi they keep calling it a confusion or a delusion or something that's messing with your head. Very often they confuse you with being gay too. That's the most annoying part.


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            Bi's are fucking lucky!! Hot women plus hot men, what more could anyone want from life?


            • AbsTrack
              AbsTrack commented
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              Are you jealous of them?

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            No fucks given here too. This is the way to go in modern times, no need to listen to all the crappy bullshit this moral police bring up. There is so much else to worry about like people dying and global warming, what the fuck does anyone have to do with this.


            • JazzPer
              JazzPer commented
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              It seems like you are really upset about the topic.

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            It gets so awkward for me while watching a movie because I can't ever decide on whom to have a crush first. The hero or the actress but both of them look pretty fine to me xD I guess that's a good problem to have to not be able to decide on this.


            • WendyShakes
              WendyShakes commented
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              I think you really have a lot of problems. lol

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            HAHA, do you get asked about gender preferences? Like there's an assumption that bi's have a particular inclination towards a certain gender. I think in order to clear out all of these confusions it's good to come out as BI and tell people what we really are instead of sitting down and listening to their bullshit all the time.


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              i looking for funny passtime))) Can you suggest something?


              • GianneQW
                GianneQW commented
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                Try masturbating without touching your hand. That would be fun I guess.

              • Jasmmy76
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                GianneQW Quit messing with him. lol

              • NYCutie
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                I would suggest you to watch some funny videos on youtube.