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Breaking the Bro Code

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  • Breaking the Bro Code

    My so-called "best friend" keeps stealing the girls I like just because he is more hot and charming than me. Whenever I started approaching and talking to the girl, he would take over her the following day. Is that considered breaking the bro code?

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    It is considered breaking the bro code for me. There are a couple of ladies out there for him since you said he is hot and charming.


    • IThinkUKnoe
      IThinkUKnoe commented
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      I don't know anything about bro code but I think it's not his fault if those girls prefer someone else and it's not even his girl yet.

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    I think you should confront your friend about it. If he is really your friend, he would consider your feelings.


    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      Yeah, but if they fight over it then it might be considered breaking the bro-code.

    • Synthia14
      Synthia14 commented
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      If the guy is really his friend then he should not do what he did!

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    Maybe you shouldn't introduce the girls that you're planning to sleep with to him first. Because if he knew that you haven't slept with the girl yet, that would give him the idea that you're recommending the girl to him.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      Or he's just plain selfish and horny that's why he ends up trying to sleep with those women.

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    It all depends on what you've agreed upon. I would suggest that you give your friend a heads up the next time that you will see each other and you're with the girl that you're seeing. But if he still openly flirts with her, I think that's the time that you should get even with him and do the same thing to him in order to let him get a taste of his own medicine.


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      It is absolutely breaking the bro code. What are bros for anyway?


      • Mariannelou
        Mariannelou commented
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        What happens to your friendship if the bro code was broken?

      • 4never
        4never commented
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        Mariannelou I don't know about this one but if someone broke it there would be consequences.

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      If it's only a girl that you like then he can steal it, I think those girls are available and open to anyone and not yet taken and it's your fault for being slow and shabby.


      • NYCutie
        NYCutie commented
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        How would you know if he is just slow and shabby? I think his friend is literally doing It to piss him up.

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      If that happens to us girls, that would be a really big topic that can lead to forgetting being friends.


      • MarlaZinger
        MarlaZinger commented
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        I think they have a code for that or maybe they just don't care because boys will always be boys.

      • ShayaLDF
        ShayaLDF commented
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        Consider yourself as lucky, since you never had a friend who snatched a guy that you're interested in.

      • ElishaBrandin
        ElishaBrandin commented
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        So you'll exchange the man you had a crush with and waste your friendship with them?

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      Have you tried talking to him about it? If you already did and he still does it, why not do the same thing with him the next time you see him chat up a girl.


      • Jennie03
        Jennie03 commented
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        If he would also be that brave to break their bro code.

      • Olga78
        Olga78 commented
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        If you want to have revenge on that guy then that applies but if not, there are other ways to settle the argument.

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      Your friend is just jealous that you are the one who is finding a hot girl to approach rather than who is he finding.


      • Cransha30
        Cransha30 commented
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        His friend is insecure that his friends can be better than him.

      • Brittney01
        Brittney01 commented
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        Or his friend is lazy and just waits for him to get the girls that he would going to fuck

      • MarrahJA
        MarrahJA commented
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        He's jealous that's why he's stealing the girls that @SykesNM is dating? I agree with Cransha30 that he might be insecure thats why he ruins @SykesNM 's chance with the girl

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      Are you in a frat or something? For me, it is breaking the bro code but I don't care about codes if I like the girl then it's like this saying "may the best man win".


      • INeedSome1
        INeedSome1 commented
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        So you don't consider some of your male friends as your bro? Also, it sounds like you're the type who's willing to end a friend just because of a woman.

      • PurpleElla
        PurpleElla commented
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        Have you actually stolen a woman from your friend? Like he was the first one who get to know her and you flirted with her right after your friend introduced her to you?

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      If I were you, it is time for you to ditch him as your friend because he's obviously taking advantage of you. Also based on what you posted, it feels like he is the one who thinks that he is your bestfriend.


      • doggygirl
        doggygirl commented
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        You're right about the last part that you said. I think it is only the other person who sees him as his bestfriend.

      • darkside9
        darkside9 commented
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        JeansFFF how about you? Have you acted the same way as his "best friend" or know someone who treats you like that?

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      Why not try and avoid him altogether by not hanging out with him. If he asks you why, that's the time that you tell him that you hate it when he steals the girls that you're planning to hookup with.


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        Are you still friends with that guy or you've finally stopped being friends with him?