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  • Craving for feet

    I think that of all the fetishes that people have, the most common one is the foot fetish. I had a co-worker in the past, and he told me that he liked feet. Well, we did not talk about kissing the feet of women, but he stated that he liked clean feet of women. After years had passed, I could now imagine that what he wanted to say was to kiss and lick those clean feet of women. I wonder why there are men who crave for those feet?

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    Not for me. I have not known anyone who had claimed to like feet. Or maybe, they did not just want to tell it to the world. Anyway, I could not imagine someone licking and kissing my feet. What would be the feeling of that one? I could imagine that it would just tickle me while he does his own thing.


    • MonStar
      MonStar commented
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      Not sure if I would consider you as lucky or not since you've never met someone who has a foot fetish

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    Maybe, some men crave for those clean feet. But I wonder if there are some men who would want feet which are not clean? I know it sounds gross, but I am just asking.


    • Shaialyn23
      Shaialyn23 commented
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      Do you mean having dirty feet? Well, most women have clean feet. I could not imagine a man licking someone's dirty feet. That would be so gross. Eeewww!

    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      What? Women who have unclean feet? Yuck! Are they not taking baths? Lol.

    • CarolNM
      CarolNM commented
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      Women who have dirty feet? Oh, no. That is too bad. Anyway, maybe there are some men who are into those dirty feet. I do not want to imagine how they do it, though.

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    But you only assumed that the man would kiss and lick the feet of the women that he liked to have. There was no explicit statement that came from him that he would do those kinds of actions.


    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      She might have watched some porn in which the guy was kissing and licking the feet of the woman that's why she's assuming that a guy with a foot fetish would do such a thing.

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    I have a friend who dated someone who has an extreme foot fetish. He would sometimes french kiss her toes during sex


    • doggygirl
      doggygirl commented
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      Oh, no! That is so gross! So, what was her feeling while her man was doing that french kiss to her toes?

    • Cransha30
      Cransha30 commented
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      Aw! That would be a big no for me. I do not want that thing, but he could French kiss my pussy all he wants.

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    Why not ask a guy who has a foot fetish instead of speculating or making us guess why they're into that feet. Also it is possible that most of them have different explanations for their fetish.