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  • Arranged marriages

    In some cultures, there are arranged marriages. What are your thoughts on this practice?

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    That is their culture and it seems to work for them. If they have been doing that for generations, then they had perfected the system. Of course, it is not part of our culture, and thankfully that it is not. I could not imagine that I would be married to a man whom I do not love. Lol.


    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      I feel bad for those people who are put in those arranged marriages, there is nothing they could do about it and it is also their parent's decision since they are following their own practice/traditions.

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    If I had an arranged marriage, then there would be no freewill for me to choose the man of my life. I think that I would be deprived of something important. I need to choose and select the man whom I would be with.


    • GoldieSnitch
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      In those cultures or countries, if you do not want to obey your families' orders, they will rather disown you. Or you have no choice but to obey them, there's nothing you can do about it. They got it all planned out that you are destined to be married to this man.

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    Is it still being done nowadays? I mean even in those cultures where they had in the past generations, do they still continue practicing it up to now? We are now living in a modern world. We must be free to choose anyone we want to have as a lifetime partner.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      It is still being practiced by some cultures and we cannot do anything to stop it. I'm glad that I'm part of those cultures where we are free to look for partners that we think we deserve. Marriage is a serious thing and why the hell would I want to get married to a person that I don't truly love?

    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      CalmTits But did you know that almost all of those arranged marriages have been rated as successes? Yes, they learned to love each other.

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    It must be stopped! People should have the freedom to select the person whom we want as a partner. There should be a law that prohibits it, so that it would be stopped.


    • JeansFFF
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      You cannot win over those traditions that are practiced and are being passed on, they might have a law for it too or their religion could also be a part of it too.

    • AddyWilliams
      AddyWilliams commented
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      JeansFFF Actually, in those countries which practice them, there are already some laws which were crafted to restrict those bizarre traditions.

    • 4never
      4never commented
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      We all know that traditions are difficult to stop. That is the reason why those practices still continue up to this day.

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    Sometimes, I could find fascination with that practice. It has been working in their society, so I guess that it really works. But then, whatever works for them might not work for us.


    • Jazza76
      Jazza76 commented
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      So you're saying that you want to try those arranged marriages Marsha42? Well, it applies to some people and to their country and culture, it also says that 55% percent of the world still practice those arranged marriages. I guess they'll be okay with their partners as time goes by.

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    Originally posted by PinkDeedee View Post
    In some cultures, there are arranged marriages. What are your thoughts on this practice?
    Those are part of their cultures and I think it's one of the best kinds of practices. Why? You grew up knowing this person and your whole family approves of them and has good relationship with his family as well. Most arranged marriages in their culture goes with a professional matchmaker to make the relationship last long and these arrangements are less likely to end in a divorce.


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      I do think that arranged marriages are somehow a violation of rights. Because the people who are victims of this practice do not have the right to pick the people that they really like to marry. And they are being forced to do something that they don't really want.


      • MarrahJA
        MarrahJA commented
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        We have the same argument, Mariannelou. I do think that arranged marriages shouldn't be practiced and passed on to the succeeding generations. Because that practice is a not only a violation of rights of one person, rather, two people are being violated.

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      I am not a fan of arranged marriages. I do think that it is a practice that needs to be forgotten already. People should be given the right and the chance to marry the person that they really love and not just marry someone because their marriage has been arranged. That just doesn't make sense to me.


      • CarolNM
        CarolNM commented
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        It does not make any sense to you, but it makes sense to them. I think that we should respect a thing that has been practiced and working for a long time.

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      I do not approve arranged marriages. One reason is because that practice just shows how parents control and manipulate their children. And I strongly believe that that is not what a good parent should do.


      • sweetgal12
        sweetgal12 commented
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        Arranged marriages are definitely results of control and manipulation. I honestly think that parents should be educated regarding the amount of authority, power, and control that they have. They should know the limits of those three.

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      Arranged marriages are essential to several cultures in such a way that this practice is what saves their families. I think if there is a need for arranged marriages, then so be it. But if it is not necessary, then I guess the parents should just allow their children to pick whoever they want to marry.


      • MKellyK
        MKellyK commented
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        What do you mean with saving the families? Could you elaborate more on that one?