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  • Stolen identity

    A random person added me on social media and it kinda looked familiar, carelessly, I accepted his friend request. Then I immediately got a private message from my friend telling me that I must not add that person because it was using her male cousin's profile pictures. I quickly stalked the profile and saw a bunch of posts about shaming women and all other hate posts just to make it look like her cousin is a total asshole. I reported the profile and warn the others about it. How can you deal with people or situations like this?

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    Some people usually do that because of a sick prank or they're just bored. Well, those people might have posted something really inappropriate so it's best we take it down by reporting it, better if it there would be a mass report than must be done with the help of your online friends too.


    • MarrahJA
      MarrahJA commented
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      You're right about the mass reporting. He will never get away with that because if moderators reviewed his profile then they will take it down immediately. I hope he does not make another fake profile to spread hatred and negativity.

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    Report the profile. Unfriend that fake person and you are done. You could not do anything more aside from that one, right?


    • PussyGalore
      PussyGalore commented
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      Yes, I think that that is the best thing that you could do. Those are the regular ways that a regular person would be able to do.

    • partyhard6
      partyhard6 commented
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      The person who has that identity could also report it to the police, and he could also sue the perpetrator for maliciously using his own identity.

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    I could write down some messages on his wall telling him that he is a fake one and using another person's identity. I would message him and threaten to report his fake profile.


    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      You should not send him threatening messages, it might only trigger him to try and steal your account too as well. It's better if you'd unfriend him and just warn the others about it.

    • queenbee
      queenbee commented
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      If you threatened him, I'm afraid that he's going to deal with your account as well, yes, what I'm saying is that he can possibly hack your account too so don't push him that way.

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    You could play with him. You could send him some annoying messages. You could annoy him so much so as he would delete the account by himself.


    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      I never thought of that, well, thank you aria75. Now, you have given me an idea if I ever get to deal with a fake person like that online. Lol!

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    I could pretend that I did not know that his profile is fake. I would ask him to have a hangout and everything would be my treat. Yes, I would pay for the food and drinks that we would consume during the hangout. Of course, I know that he would decline my offer.


    • PurpleElla
      PurpleElla commented
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      He will decline it because he's obviously a fake. Well, if he were true then he would've gone out with you already and you two might have a good time which is kinda good actually.

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    The hell with those people who are stealing someone else's identity. Could be report it to the police and let them investigate the matter?


    • LowBlowJojo
      LowBlowJojo commented
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      Agree, it is considered a cybercrime already. Online identity theft is punishable by law either imprisonment or paying a fine. Well, he should know that if he thinks he's good to get away with that, lol!

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    Stealing an identity if a crime. Thus, it must be reported to the police. He did not only steal it, but he used the name for malicious purposes.


    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      I think he's long gone already but this serves as a lesson for anyone. There's no need to steal someone's identity to post anything malicious online, it all seems pointless in the end and you're putting yourself in danger out there, lol.