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  • The Secret Song

    What's the one song that you really love that your friends would be shocked to you liked it? Mine is Master Of Puppets by Metallica

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    Mine are Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      I think most people like that song so if I am a friend, I would not be shocked.

    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      Yeah, but my friends like pop. So it's still a secret for me.

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    If I post it here, it won't be a secret anymore lol. But seriously, it's Stop by The Spice Girls


    • MarlaZinger
      MarlaZinger commented
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      Considering that you're a guy, You should have definitely kept it a secret lol

    • JazzPer
      JazzPer commented
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      MarlaZinger Lol, I know right but it's still a secret from my friends.

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    It would be Gloomy Sunday for me by Billie Holiday, I love how sad the song is.


    • IThinkUKnoe
      IThinkUKnoe commented
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      How recommended that song to you?

    • partyhard6
      partyhard6 commented
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      I find this song really creepy and sad, the lyrics give me goosebumps.

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    Since doggygirl already mentioned Billie Holiday, mine would be the song Strange Fruit which is sung by her as well


    • #6
      Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols. Most of my friends can't believe that someone like me would listen to a punk song


      • AddyWilliams
        AddyWilliams commented
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        How were you able to cross paths with that song?

    • #7
      It would be I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, I bet they will be shocked if they have known that I like this song so I kept it a secret.


      • PurpleElla
        PurpleElla commented
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        I hope that you don't try to hit the high notes whenever you sing along with the song

    • #8
      I know that I was way too young when this song was released, but it's Lithium by Nirvana


      • MonStar
        MonStar commented
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        That's one of my favorite Nirvana songs. Nice to know that you've got a good taste when it comes to music

    • #9
      It's Tha Crossroads by Bone Thugs N' Harmony. That's the first rap song that I memorized


      • Jennstone71
        Jennstone71 commented
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        Do you think your friends won't like that?

    • #10
      I love Heavy Metal songs although it does not show on my appearance.


      • Shaialyn23
        Shaialyn23 commented
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        Not everyone wants that, I feel you.

    • #11
      I like listening to reggae.


      • Jasmmy76
        Jasmmy76 commented
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        Actually me too, it's different and I love it.

      • 4never
        4never commented
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        I love it too. It was full of a story if you ask me.

    • #12
      Stop by the Spice Girls. I don't mind if I made fun with because of it


      • TittyTassle
        TittyTassle commented
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        I think it is a cool song. Did you sing this every time you have the chance?