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Hooking up with your exact opposite

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  • Hooking up with your exact opposite

    I have a friend, she is average, not that smart but is constantly hooking up with ordinary-looking men. But this time, she hooked up with this man. He is very intelligent, he's very handsome, and she wasn't expecting that their one-time hookup was followed with a few more dates and hookups. Let's say that this man is the exact opposite of her and I don't want to sound harsh but she's not like one of those girls that a guy usually fantasizes. Then again, this handsome lad keeps beeping her up and says he wants to constantly have sex with her.

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    Then, it is obvious that the man has been using his intelligence to persuade that average woman to have free sex with him. Which would he choose to have? A free sex with an average woman or pay expensive service fees from those beautiful escorts? Anyway, both of them are on the win-win situation. He, having free sex while she, having sex with a handsome man.


    • sweetgal12
      sweetgal12 commented
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      You're right ElishaBrandin and I haven't thought of that but it is the cold hard truth. People will do anything just to get what they want but if the other gets even as well then there should be no doubt about that anyway.

    • AddyWilliams
      AddyWilliams commented
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      I do think that because of sex, people can be close to each other and it is not about the looks, it's about how you two treat each other in and out of bed. Could be that those two had such intimacy and had actually chemistry together.

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    Well, that average woman was so lucky so have a handsome man. I wonder why that man chose to be with an average woman.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Maybe he likes her exactly how she is. Simple and is not like those women who are hard to please. I guess she deserves to be with that handsome man after all. Plus, both of them sure had a great time together.

    • Marsha42
      Marsha42 commented
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      Well, there are men who want average women as they could easily get them out. Beautiful women tend difficult to have dates with them.

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    Ah, so this friend of yours has something and what could that be? She's really great at sex, it is mentioned that she is constantly hooking up with different guys, therefore, this handsome guy knew that she could make a guy go crazy for her during sex. Men really love a frisky woman that is why this handsome man wanted more than just one hookup with your friend there, sweetlove.


    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      Oh, she must be a really frisky woman when it comes to bed. Of course, these men would love to be with a wild woman and this guy is lucky enough to have her that is why the one-time thing came up with so many dates and hookups right after. He really loves being with this woman.

    • GianneQW
      GianneQW commented
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      It would be nice if you ever hooked up with a sexual woman who craves the same sexual desire as you are. You two will surely have loads of fun in bed.

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    For me, that only means that they are a great match for each other. Also, I do believe that opposites do attract the most. The guy must have been tired of being with the same kind of girl and vice versa.


    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      But they seem to match when they're having their sexy time and I think he is hooked to her. Did she cast a spell on him during their fucking sessions? Because I know for sure that a hookup is just a one-time thing, so why does he want to have more sex sessions with her?

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    I hope I won't sound judgmental but maybe the girl put the guy under some kind of love spell. So in that way, the guy will become attracted to her forever.


    • rennie32
      rennie32 commented
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      That would be impossible lol. It says that she has been hooking up with ordinary looking guys since she is ordinary looking herself. Maybe the handsome man has seen something more to her than just how she appears to be.

    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      But those love spell has expiration dates just like any other medicine. Lol. It would expire sooner or later. Nope, seriously, there are no love spells.

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    Looks have nothing to say if you've get to know the person well, there is something beyond a person's outer appearance and it's clear that they're not only hooking up but maybe this man has fallen with this simple looking lady. OR just maybe, he thinks that she could be a perfect sex partner for him and wants to be exclusively his.


    • Shanti55
      Shanti55 commented
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      An exclusive fuckbuddy? I think you can agree to that, I mean it should be both of you to agree on that part. But how can it be possible for a handsome man to like an average looking girl? Is she really that great in bed?

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    Sometimes, it is nice to hookup with someone who is our opposite as we could see our own faults. It is like a realization that would be slapped on our faces.


    • ThristyMisty
      ThristyMisty commented
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      It is nice to know that people still get attracted to their opposites, cute isn't it? It would bee more exciting to date your exact opposite because if you two are almost the same with everything then it is considered boring since there wouldn't be such thrills anymore.

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    Those beautiful women are hard to acquire and men know that one. So, if a handsome man keeps hitting up on an average woman, then he is just using that woman as his sexual outlet. He knows that he could just play anytime he wants and the average woman would continue to accept the man. Anyway, it would be a win-win situation for the both of them.


    • CarolNM
      CarolNM commented
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      Ah, those type of guys will surely do whatever it takes to get laid but wait a minute, this man had multiple dates with this woman. Would it be possible that he has fallen for her already?

    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      I think she appears to be beautiful in his eyes, there are people like that and they seem to be amazed to simplicity more than people who are given to be good-looking already.

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    It sounds like you're being envious of your friend that she was able to hookup with somebody who's good looking and has brains.I think you should be happy for her rather than bash her looks


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      Don't think that there's wrong with it since there's a saying that opposites attract


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        There's nothing you can really do if that "average looking" friend of yours is getting fucked by a hot guy. Also, I agree with what PussyGalore has said that you sound like you're envious that she's having sex with a hot guy