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A possible kind of setup?

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  • A possible kind of setup?

    You met a man from a dating app and you two agreed to have lunch and go places together. By the end of the night, you two had a couple of drinks and ended up having sex. Morning came and you two are still together and decided to grab breakfast. During those conversations, you noticed that you two are always on the same frequency it's as if that you two are soulmates. Yet you both settled not to go on a different level and just be like that. Then again, do you guys think that this kind of setup would be possible?

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    Ah, this could be friends with benefits kind of setup. Well, What can we say to people like these? They do not want to be in a serious relationship but they got each other and they're like couples already. Why can't they just seal the deal and be actual boyfriends and girlfriends like normal people do?


    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      Some people do not like labels, that's why they cannot seal the deal just yet because they are open to possibilities that either of them might find the true love of their lives. Who knows?

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    That could be a possible setup, it is between those two and even if they would deny it, it seems like they're friends with benefits. They're no longer hooking up but they're actually friends with benefits, or are they in the mutual understanding level already?


    • Brittney01
      Brittney01 commented
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      Mutual understanding? I guess they do but for now, they're still friends with benefits as you've mentioned but those kinds of setups do not last long so they should enjoy it while it's still there.

    • Marsha42
      Marsha42 commented
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      But that was only a one-night stand. Sometimes, we should not overthink and assume a thing without assurance and confirmation from the other party.

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    What are they now? They do not have a label yet but I think they could be flings already, they're really sweet and they're always together, so yes, I guess they are flings already.


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      Flings? More like FWB, but if they wanted to fling then that would be okay. Some people don't like labels but they long for companionship just when they needed.

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    What kind of setup are you referring to? Was that a one night stand only or the beginning of becoming friends with benefits?


    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      That was also the question on my mind. What kind of setup? I am being confused now.

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    Yet you both settled not to go on a different level and just be like that.

    Do you mean it was a one-night stand only?


    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      Not sure but they can settle for whatever the fuck they want, put labels in it or not they're happy with what they're doing.

    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      I think that it was only a one-night stand. It is just that the man only extended his stay up to the morning. Most men won't do it; they would leave soon after the fuck session was finished.

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    Of course, it is very possible. The man just stayed for the night. He would leave in the morning after the breakfast and everything would settle down and would be back to the normal affairs of life.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      But I think they can still hook up if they wanted to, I mean we all have that one hookup who wants to keep in touch with us, right?

    • AddyWilliams
      AddyWilliams commented
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      CalmTits Yes, that is a possibility if the both of them would want to level up.

    • 4never
      4never commented
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      After leaving in the morning, most men would no longer contact you again. Well, at least that is true from my experiences.

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    It is possible for this kind of setup to happen, of course, why wouldn't you feel comfortable around with your hookup? You two just wanted to have a good time and there you have it! You two are not committed but it's like you two are friends that barely know each other but have the same vibe that you two wanted and just kep it that way. Sorta like that.