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  • Surprise video chat

    Say that you are on a dating app and you're teasing the man in the video chat. You've shown your naked body but he hasn't seen your face and you haven't seen his.
    When you two saw each other's faces, it turns out that you know each other. It was your high school classmate, what would you do next?

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    I'd be surprised for a moment when I realized that it was one of those boys I hated in high school. Well, I might get back with him and see if he agrees to continue this with me, if so, then we'll just finish it!


    • 4never
      4never commented
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      High school is different from now so go for it! I bet that he's more experienced and yummy than before and why would I even miss this shot? I'd tell him my address so we can bang each other immediately!

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    I'll be in complete shock discovering that my former high school classmate is video chatting with me, I'd shut my laptop immediately and forget about showing him my body.


    • CarolNM
      CarolNM commented
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      Wait, if he's yummy and is into you then why'd you be surprised by that? I mean, you two can hookup and it seems that he's experienced already but you've missed your chance already. Oh well...

    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      You could forget all you want but would that be the case on his part? I do not think that he would be able to forget about it that easily. He could even share his experience with you and you would become an instant celebrity on your circle of friends.

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    If I were that man, I would just encourage her to continue. She should not be shy because it will be our little secret. I'll do whatever it takes to earn her trust because soon after it will be possible for us to hookup.


    • MarrahJA
      MarrahJA commented
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      Yeah, I mean so what if we've known each other? This would be more interesting for me. I'd love to be a little adventurous and tell him that he should come over to my place, like ASAP!

    • aria75
      aria75 commented
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      Lol. Yeah, you are a man - full of hopefulness that the two of you would end up hooking with each other.

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    I would say: "Oh, hi there, former classmate! It has been a while. How are you?" With a smile that extends up to my ears.


    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      Lol, and you're naked at that point. He might even freak out a bit because you seem to be jolly as if you two have not known each other since highschool, lol.

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    I understand that you had shown your naked body to him. But did he also do the same thing to you? If yes, then the feeling should be mutual. There is nothing to be scared of. You could show your faces to each other.


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      That is what you get when you are too horny. You did not even bother to know who the man was. You just had an exhibit with your body. Would you not feel shame out of it?


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        I would end the video chat immediately. I would take a deep breath and say out loud: "What the fuck!"