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My best friend hooked up with my cousin

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  • My best friend hooked up with my cousin

    My best friend and I hangout a lot that she can practically live in our house already. So there was this one time that my cousin visited us and at the same time, my best friend was also in the house. Of course, out of courtesy, I introduced them to each other. By the way, my cousin is a guy. Anyway, during that day, I left the house to get some things from the grocery. I was worried that they won't get along together but to my surprise they are interacting well when I got back home. They were so close to each other in the sofa, skin to skin! Imagine that? But I didn't think that something is up. However, since we're best friends, she spilled the beans later that night. Guess what? My best friend hooked up with my cousin. What's worse? They did it in my bedroom! At first, I was shocked and kinda mad but then I now find it gross and funny. Lol! What do you think about this?
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    If that happened to me, I would be so mad. First, they didn't have my permission to use my room! Second, the hookup itself is gross and unacceptable. I might even consider not sleeping in my room already. Yikes!


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      But where else would they do it? They were alone and the best place to have it is on your bed. It would be awkward if they called you just to tell you that they would do the banging on your bed. lol.

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    That's kinda disgusting for me! As you said, she's practically your sister so their situation may be considered as incest. Lol! But kidding aside, I do think that they shouldn't have used your bedroom. They could've done it in the bathroom instead.


    • sweetlove
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      I guess they have no choice but to use her bedroom because it's more comfortable for them to do it, but I couldn't imagine where he might've busted his juices. I hope that it didn't go all over her sheets.

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    A quickie? Or you must have been gone for long so they got bored and just decided to satisfy each other. I do think that it's fine as long as they cleaned your room after.


    • JeansFFF
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      Oh, I bet they didn't cleaned it after. They might've left cumstains on her bedsheets and had it all over her mattress which kinda stresses me out too.
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    They should have made it in the living room and had not used your own bed. lol. Well, anyway, it could be that they were horny at that time so they made out. Well, that is a common thing for me so I am not surprised at all.


    • Jasmmy76
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      I bet her room is cozy and has more privacy, so instead of doing it in the living room, they did it in her bedroom. If I were her, I'd always keep my room locked.

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    Totally funny! Maybe they were both so horny during that time that they didn't even think of going into another place to hook up. Well, what's done is done so I guess you should just change your bed sheets.


    • Sia55
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      I'm concerned about the stained mattress, not only the bedsheets. Ugh, that's just so cringy I guess I would ignore them both for weeks or a month, they didn't even apologize for what they did to my room. I feel like I was vandalized as well.

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    Wild! But your best friend didn't have enough respect for you. She knows that it's your cousin and she shouldn't have hooked up with him. I don't know about you guys but my relatives are definitely off limits when it comes to hooking up and I don't really care if you're my best friend or if you really like him. No hooking up with my relatives, period.


    • MKellyK
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      Well, you are a bit conservative over there. As for me, my friends could fuck anybody who they want to fuck. I do not give a shit over their preferences.

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    Maybe both of them are that cheap. They can't even afford a motel room where they can bang each other for as many times they want. Lol! I admire how daring they were though. What if you walked right into them doing it, right? That would be hilarious!


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      I do not know who is the clever one - your cousin or your best friend. Either way, they are smarter than you are. But you should be happy for the both of them as they did something nice for themselves.


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        But this could happen. Even friends who would be left in the house could do it. If they are a group then an orgy could happen. It does not surprise me anymore.