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  • Hookup circle of friends

    Do you happen to hook up with someone and ended up being friends instead? Like nothing happened, first dates in cheap restaurants and enjoying each other's company just talking pretty much about each other's day? I had so many hookups that turned out to be just friends and they're okay with that. They agreed to that setup and just needed a companion to go places with or just needed someone to talk to about how their day went.

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    I had a couple of guy friends that I've met from dating apps. There was one guy who I made out with when I was drunk but we're just friends like that. It was never awkward for us to be friends.


    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      Do you think that they also consider you as a friend and not just an acquaintance? Because there's a chance that you see them as friend but they think of you as only an acquaintance

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    I was expecting that this about hooking up with all of your friends or with the partner of your friends lol


    • ElishaBrandin
      ElishaBrandin commented
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      Have you ever tried hooking up with your guy friends or your friends' ex-partners?

    • JazzPer
      JazzPer commented
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      Is that you're planning to do with any of your male friends?

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    The furthest thing that happened between me and my hookups (besides the sex of course) is being acquaintances. I never saw them in that light and vice versa


    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      Wait, so none of them were good in bed? Are there any second chances around before deciding to become acquaintances? That's sad, bro.

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    Hookups should remain as hookups. So, those guys never became my friends. After the hookup is over, then we go our separate ways and never see each other again.


    • PinkDeedee
      PinkDeedee commented
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      You don't ever see them again even if you enjoyed the hookup?

    • PurpleElla
      PurpleElla commented
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      What are you going to do if they wanted to be friends with you?

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    Not sure that being friends with your hookup is a good idea since he might end up telling his friends that you're an easy hookup and would even let his friends have a pass on you


    • WendyShakes
      WendyShakes commented
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      If she's the type who's into having group sex. That can be a good idea since she can tell to the guy that he can invite some of them over for a gangbang lol

    • NYCutie
      NYCutie commented
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      WendyShakes is that something that you've included in your sexual bucket list that's why you've mentioned being gangbanged?