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That was a close one!

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  • That was a close one!

    My friend shared about a Tinder date that she had. She met up with the guy in his hometown. He paid for the expenses from food at the resto and drinks at the club. She told him that it was her first time going on a kind of date like that. I don't know why or how by his guilt, he admits that he already has a girlfriend who is living overseas. He was looking for a potential fuckbuddy but he knew that my friend wasn't that type of girl. She knew about the girlfriend and she talked to her about the situation. The guy ended up hating my friend for being too honest about it. But his girlfriend ended up being her closest friend from now on. If your partner is living miles away, would you have the guts to look for a fuckbuddy? Was my friend being good or bad here? I wanna know your thoughts about this. I just think my friend did the right thing.

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    Well, it is a good thing that your friend just told his girlfriend the truth about his boyfriend. They both deserve better than that douchebag! He thinks he can fool them both but I guess karma got him real bad.


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      Small world that your friend also knew his girlfriend. That is the low side on being in a small hometown.


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        Cheating depends on the person. There are people who would do some cheats while some people would remain to be loyal.


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          No, there must be faithfulness. If you have an LDR then you must behave at all times. You should not look for a fuck buddy while your partner is away.


          • CalmTits
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            Maybe the guy just couldn't break up with his gf since she's too far and needed a companion while she's away.

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          If it was going to be secret affair between them, then your friend should have accepted the man to be her fuck buddy.


          • MarcyPlayground
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            But what if her friend wasn't the type who goes in for fuckbuddy relationships? That's why she told his gf immediately about his schemes