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  • The unusual hookup

    I've been chatting this guy for the past few months and we haven't seen each other in person but one thing's for sure is that he's really into me. He says that he can't seem to avoid me since I've always been his type and he says that he wants to see me being gangbanged by different guys, including him. I don't know if I should continue pursuing this proposal of his, but I just wanted to give him a chance to hook up with me, but the gangbang proposal? I guess I'd be needing your advice on that, what can you say about that?

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    Then agree to have a hookup with him. Tell him that for a trial run, it needs to be just you and him for the mean time. I hope that you'll be satisfied.


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      I agree to this. Through doing this, you can also use this as a measure if he's good in bed or not. If you enjoyed it, then I suggest that you consider the gang bang proposal. Because there's a high chance that his friends are good in bed too.

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    If I were you, I'll agree to the gangbang proposal. If the guy that you've been chatting with is really handsome and hot, I bet the guys who will gangbang you are like that as well. Are you letting that opportunity go?


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Would you really trade your safety for attractiveness and hotness of the guys? What if the men who are going to gangbang you are criminals? What would you do then?

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    If ever I experience that situation, I'll agree to have a hookup with him ONLY. Not with different guys all at the same time. Because at least I already know him, unlike the other guys. I still need to get to know them before agreeing to a gangbang experience with them.


    • Jazza76
      Jazza76 commented
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      I'm not also a fan of those gang bang, I'd only want to let him hook up with him but let him invite other guys to bang me? I'm out! I won't be able to take all those men at once.

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    He is a playful man as he wants to have a gang bang. Well, gang bangs are nice as long as you would be able to handle them all.


    • WendyShakes
      WendyShakes commented
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      In the way that you talk, it surely seems like you have already been in a gang bang situation. So tell us, was it satisfying? Anyway, if this girl trusts the guy, I do think that she should go for it.

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    You could hook up with him if you want to but do not agree with a gang bang. You do not even know how many men would there be. If that would also be your first time to be gang banged then you would have hard time with it. That is for sure.


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      If you have not experienced a gang bang in the past, then this is the time to have one. Since it would be your first time, then it would be exciting for you to have it.


      • aria75
        aria75 commented
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        Exciting, sure. But what about your physical self? What would happen to you?

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      How many men would be the participants? If there are six then I think that you would be able to handle them all. If there are more than ten, then that would be something to take. It is still your choice, anyway.


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        Try to hookup with him first. If he is good, then accept the gang bang. Simple, right?


        • Cransha30
          Cransha30 commented
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          That would be her first time to gang banged. It would not be that easy. She might be shocked with it.

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        I had not tried any gang bang. Who could vouch here that it is good? Lol. I feel like I am interested to have one.


        • Jasmmy76
          Jasmmy76 commented
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          Since you're interested to try being gang-banged well, you might as well join in with them. I'm sure that you'll have fun but for me? Nah, I think I'll pass for now.