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Dating someone with kids

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  • Dating someone with kids

    I would like to ask the people here, would you dates and have hookups with people who already have kids? Note that this could lead into a long-term relationship which in turn would eventually involve his/her kids in the picture when the two of you would become lovers.

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    If it were a simple hookup with no future involved then I would have it. But since there is a possibility that it would be a serious long-term relationship with kids involved then I do not think that I would go in for it. A person with kids has more responsibility to take and eventually I would be a part of it which I do not like to be a part of.


    • ThristyMisty
      ThristyMisty commented
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      Right. It may look good for now but how about the future? We should also look into what the future holds.

    • NYCutie
      NYCutie commented
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      Are you shying away from future responsibility? Do not worry as you would not take care of it. They, the man and his ex, would take care of all those stuffs.

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    No, I do not want. It would be an added obligation to have those kids. I would have to pass. No dating a man with kids for long-term relationship.


    • Jennstone71
      Jennstone71 commented
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      Yeah. Okay, I do not want it, too. I would say that I need to pass on it. I do no want to have more responsibility in the future.

    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      Jennstone71 I know right? But if by chance he could at least let the kids stay with their grandparents or just stay with their mom while their dad and I would have some kinky fun, because I want him for my own even just for the night. But I can't expect him and his kids to be in good terms with me, I'm sure they will not like me lol!

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    If I date/hookup with you, I want your full attention on me. That's why I wouldn't date someone who already has kids. For sure, he's going to be busy taking care of them so there's a chance that he will not be able to take care of me.


    • Cransha30
      Cransha30 commented
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      It is not always the case that men are alone. Some of them really have children already and would need to provide child support. Although, most would be on the side of their mothers.

    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      People know how to keep their time. There would be a time for you and a time for his child.

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    I guess I'll give it a try. If I can interact well with his kids, there will be no problem. But if we don't get along well, he can consider me gone in his life already.


    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      We're kind of the same, I can interact with his kids and I just hope that they can get along with me well, since I'm not really fond of kids that much. If we don't get along then I guess that would be his reason for dumping me, oh well. Why should I please myself to him and to his kids, right?

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    Yes, I will consider dating them or hooking up with them. I don't have a problem if she has kids especially if I am interested or in love with her.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      But have you considered that the relationship would become a long-term one? That means that you would be the step-father of her kid. Would you be ready to take a new role?

    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      If I am really in love with her then why not right? CalmTits

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    I think I'll go for a hookup but nothing more than that. I don't like to have an instant family just yet.


    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      Hahaha. Right. I got your point right away. You would be a family if the two of you got married.

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    I don't want to get ahead of ourselves and involve the kids or becoming a family. I guess I'll consider dating someone who has kids and enjoy my time with him. I'll just see from there if we can reach the moment wherein the kids will already be involved.


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      You're right, it's better to date each other first before you can get attached to the kids. I hope that the date turns out great so that she can formally introduce you to her kid/s and y'all can get along well from there.

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    How many kids? One kid who is with his mother and the man just providing a child support? Well, I could take that one.


    • StickyDickie
      StickyDickie commented
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      I think it's better that way for you, at least you can have the man all to yourself if he's just providing child support. But for us men? Well, it's impossible to have all her attention to us if she's taking good care of a child, but you know, if she really is the one for me then that's an exception.

    • IThinkUKnoe
      IThinkUKnoe commented
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      StickyDickie The attention given to a child is different from the attention that is given to the man. Those two are distinct.

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    I think that we should not discriminate people. There are so many people who have kids already. Does that mean that we should ignore all of them?


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      If you like that person, then go. there's nothing wrong with that. just make sure that he only has a child and not a wife.


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        I don't date people who already had kids, but I usually hook up with them.


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          If he already had a child then I will stop seeing him.