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  • Protection?

    I find it hard using protection since my pussy reacts on rubbers. It's no fun at all when guys use condoms, flavored or not. So, we always go skin to skin but I know for sure that he is safe.

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    I'll advice you to go see a doctor about getting your cooch checked!


    • doggygirl
      doggygirl commented
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      Monthly or daily visits don't hurt hun.

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    You should not be doing sex without a protection. How sure are you that your partner was safe?


    • LowBlowJojo
      LowBlowJojo commented
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      If they're that monogamous then it shouldn't be a problem. A regular check-up won't hurt as well.

    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      LowBlowJojo If those are just hookups then those men should always use condoms. No condom, no sex.

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    If the man is free from anything and you are free from anything then it would be okay to have it skin to skin. Prepare to get pregnant, though.


    • MKellyK
      MKellyK commented
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      But how would you be able to know that the man is free from any STDs? Even if you ask, most men would lie.

    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      If she uses birth control pills then she has nothing to worry about lol

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    But latex does not really reacts to the pussy. But, anyway, have you gone to a clinic to check your condition?


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      There are different kinds of pussy ElishaBrandin I suggest the same as well, she should see a doctor already.

    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      TittyTassle As far as I know, there are only two types of pussies: the real one and the fake one. lol.

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    Are you sure that there's a negative reaction and you just don't like having sex bareback


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      If you're in a monogamous relationship, then it's okay to have sex unprotected. But I would suggest to find alternatives when it comes to using protection since you might end up having STD's in the long run


      • sweetlove
        sweetlove commented
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        Maybe her partner wasn't really faithful and he might have infected her?

      • Brittney01
        Brittney01 commented
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        sweetlove Yes, actually, that would be a possibility so I think we need to be careful every time.

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      If you enjoy having bareback sex, I would suggest that you get tested often in order to be sure that you don't end up having something nasty down there