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    Will any of you still date an aging player? Guys who are in their 30's or 40's and yet single and juggling women. Don't get me wrong, in just a few months I'll be 30 and I've noticed they are very lonely and insecure. What are your thoughts on this one?
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    I think that for guys 30 is still considered as young. Maybe somebody who is in their 40's would count as somebody who's aging already. I'm kinda iffy when it comes to dating a guy who's in their 40's because it makes me feel that he has no plans of ever settling down.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      I think guys in their 40's whose afraid to settle down maybe are scared of kids and especially commitment.

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    If we're talking about the guy that you just described, it would be a no. But if he's of that age that you're talking about and my type, then I might go out with him.


    • PussyGalore
      PussyGalore commented
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      So you don't mind dating a middle aged guy as long as he's not a player?

    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Yes, I like mature guys. They tend to be more understanding and they're not afraid to show their feelings.

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    I think there's nothing wrong when you dating men in their 30's or 40's and it's only age what matters is that we can get along with them but when you said that he is a player then I might not commit myself with them.


    • MonStar
      MonStar commented
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      Are you thinking that he would just treat you like one of his fuck buddies?

    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      I think there's a higher change to be with a player on that age since they are the one who is sexually active imo.

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    When it comes to dating guys, I don't really care about his age. My only concern is that he's not a cheater or a serial monogamist.


    • JazzPer
      JazzPer commented
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      I'm guessing that you have no plans of dating the guy that she mentioned?

    • LowBlowJojo
      LowBlowJojo commented
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      You girls should always consider dating a guy who values you alone and no one else except his mom lol.

    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      LowBlowJojo I absolutely agree with you on this one. JazzPer not at all.

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    I find guys on their 30's and 40's to be amusing but I chose those ones who are like losers or introverts than a guy who keeps on digging up woman.


    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      Probably those nerd guys who don't have the skills of getting a woman he likes. That's your target.

    • Jacky67
      Jacky67 commented
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      Why do you find those men of that age as amusing? Is it because they're making you think that why were they still single at that age?

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    I'll still date them especially those guys you can't distinguish their age for having a babyface.


    • Caroline26
      Caroline26 commented
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      Some of my friends got a babyface look also and I am treating them like my own age.

    • MarlaZinger
      MarlaZinger commented
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      Have you actually been with a guy who looks way younger than his actual age?

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    Are you talking about flirty guys who are in their 30's and 40's? I will like to be with them since they've got the experience and the charms.


    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      So you don't mind that they're flirting with other women besides you?

    • CarolNM
      CarolNM commented
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      They really got the experience and to me, they are still good looking.

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    I think there's nothing wrong dating a man in their 30's or 40's unless they are a single dad and I think they are still young to have a child.


    • Labra990
      Labra990 commented
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      There's actually a great chance that you will pick a man in their 30's or 40's who are single dads and separated through a divorce.

    • NathaneJG
      NathaneJG commented
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      I know a lot of guys in their 30's and believe me they behave like 20 years old sometimes. They can be childish and immature but in a fun way.

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    Yes and those guys still passed on my age range search, 30-40 guys are still attractive in my opinion. I won't label them as a loner but they are the ones who are unfortunate when it comes to love.


    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      There might be a chance that you'll date guys in their 30's or 40's who are single dads or went through a divorce and had a kid. Will you still consider dating them?

    • JessaMINELO
      JessaMINELO commented
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      Not sure that they're unfortunate when it comes love considering the title of the topic is about an aging player.

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    If he's already in his 40's and still goes out dating different women, it only means that he has no plans of settling down. It will be a waste of my time trying that type of guy.