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    Does most people who are in their 30's and still single in the rush to get married? Dated a few of them and all of them ended up talking about settling down during the first date

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    Not really, maybe you just been with the guys who are rushing because they feel that they hit the jackpot if they're able to have you as their wife


    • Jennstone71
      Jennstone71 commented
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      Woah, that is one way to boost her confidence. lol

    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      Jennstone71 I did not say that to boost her confidence, she's really pretty.

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    Are those guys that you dated in their late 30's already? That might be the reason behind it since they don't want to be mistaken as the granddad of their kid if they decided to marry and have a family late in life


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      I don't think they are in the rush, maybe it's just their choice.


      • Jennie03
        Jennie03 commented
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        I agree, there are still people who enjoy being single despite their age.

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      Just because they are already in their 30's does not mean that they are rushing, maybe they are waiting for the right person.


      • RopeShow
        RopeShow commented
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        And I'm guessing that you were not one of those guys?

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      Never felt it yet since I'm still in my early 30's will get back on you about that one a few years from now


      • AddyWilliams
        AddyWilliams commented
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        But do you feel that you would feel that way?

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      Nope never been in that stage since I won't mind if I would be single for the rest of my life


      • ThristyMisty
        ThristyMisty commented
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        I agree, and 30 is still young for me.

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      Well, that depends since most women want to marry before they hit the age of 30.


      • PinkDeedee
        PinkDeedee commented
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        I think there's fewer women who are in a rush to get married when they hit that age

      • LowBlowJojo
        LowBlowJojo commented
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        They have their "expiration date" and trying to be caught up with their friends.

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      The only one who feel like that are the ones who fall victim on the so-called norms. You don't really need to follow them if you know that you won't be that happy


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        Haven't met someone who's like that. Most of them are still enjoying their single life


        • Shaialyn23
          Shaialyn23 commented
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          Me too, I think if ever I met someone like that I want to know his reason why in a rush.

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        Well, we can't deny that there are others who are desperate to find a husband/wife when they reach the age of 30 but most people I know are still enjoying being single.


        • TittyTassle
          TittyTassle commented
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          How about you, Are you still enjoying being single?

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        Well this really also concern you, as a woman. Biologically, women's ability to produce children will reduce drastically past 30.


        • ElishaBrandin
          ElishaBrandin commented
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          So it won't be a concern for the ladies if they don't have plans of having kids?

        • 4never
          4never commented
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          No, all I'm saying is that mostly, women are in a rush to get married or have a child when they reach that age.

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        It really depends from person to person. There are women who are really in a rush probably because they want to have children and we all know how a woman's body works. It’s really hard to conceive as you get older. Another reason is probably because of social pressure or from their friends, family or relatives. However, there are women as well who love being single and don't want to settle down at all.


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          Certainly NOT! There are girls who doesn't live to society's standard and I am one of them. I don't think everyone's rushing it!