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Dumped and Alone – What's next?

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  • Dumped and Alone – What's next?

    What do you usually do after your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you or breaks up with you? My natural reaction will be to lock myself in the house for the next two weeks and survive solely on jumbo tubs of ice cream and watch Jennifer Aniston The Break-Up movie.
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    If my ex-girlfriend happens to be a burden that I want to dump too then I'll party with my friends and flirt with many girls that I want.


      ONENINE commented
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      Have you been with a girlfriend that you consider as a burden when you dated her?

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    I often cry myself to sleep and spend most of my weekends drinking and regretting it because of a nasty hangover.


    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      How many weekends does it take you before you're ready to date again?

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    Try to recover from the heartache and once you're ready go back on the prowl.


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      If we're talking about the break up happening right now. I will suggest to take this time to try and improve yourself so that once everybody is allowed to be go out again. You can go out in public ready to be in a new relationship.


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        For me, I try to be better since crying over and over will do nothing to me. I talk and I let it out and then I jog in the morning to let my frustration out so I can start fresh.


        • darkside9
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          I hope you are not thinking about him when you jog in the morning or you won't focus on your goal.

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        For me, It's easy to move on when our relationship is already going downhill. I just drink and spend time with my friends and everything is going to be OK.


        • Shanti55
          Shanti55 commented
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          How many weeks does it usually take you before you're truly over her?

        • Synthia14
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          Are you the type who cries to his friends because of a break up?

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        The first thing that I will do is to delete all the pictures we have or I'll hide it in my status so I won't be obsessing over it and lie low for a while.


        • JessaMINELO
          JessaMINELO commented
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          I think that it will be better that you delete all those pictures rather than just hide it from your timeline.

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        I start working out. It kept me busy after a bad break up, and it made me feel confident about myself while distracting me and keeping me healthy.


        • doggygirl
          doggygirl commented
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          That's what I do too. I go to the gym to let my sweat out and let my frustrations and emotions out.

        • rennie32
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          How many times in a week do you hit the gym during that break up?

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        Just forget about the guy and slowly try to move on from that relationship.


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          PURGE with crying and ice cream is usually the best solution