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  • Is It Possible?

    I know that most of the time cheating would automatically result into separating or the end of a relationship. Do you think that it is possible that cheating can actually save your relationship?

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    I think it's possible if both of you are having an LDR relationship. You will sometimes end up wanting to have sex with him which you can't so you end up having a one night stand for your sexual needs which can save you from dumping him because you already released it.


      ONENINE commented
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      Why not just have an open relationship with the guy rather than try and be faithful to each other.

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    The only cheating I can think off that saves my boring relationship is when I go to a strip club and get some ladies to party with me. I sometimes do paid sex.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      And I'm guessing that your girlfriend doesn't know that you hookup with strippers from time to time?

    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      TittyTassle yes, I always make sure she won't notice things. I usually do it when either she's out of town or me

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    If the two of you ended up fixing your own issues like going to couples therapy, then it is possible that cheating has saved your relationship.


    • aria75
      aria75 commented
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      Yeah especially if he cheats way too much and he will be convinced to end his cheating streak.

    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      Not sure that usually happens especially if it involves cheating. There is a bigger chance that they would get a divorce because of the affair.

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    It might be possible if by cheating the both of them realized what is wrong with their relationship and the both of them are willing to fix it by going to couple therapy.


    • Jacky67
      Jacky67 commented
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      Do you know someone who's been in that situation before.

    • queenbee
      queenbee commented
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      Jacky67 I know a friend of mine and his boyfriend went to therapy before its too late since her boyfriend cheats all the time when she is away.

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    It might be possible but most of the time it will result into a break up rather than being the main reason why they would change for the other person.


    • Sia55
      Sia55 commented
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      If you can invite him over a therapy then there's a chance that it might save you both.

    • AbsTrack
      AbsTrack commented
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      Yes, but still it is not a guarantee that it won't happen again.

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    Let's be realistic with this one and accept the fact that there is a bigger chance that they will break up because of the affair. The odds of being able to save the relationship because of the affair is like hitting the lottery.


    • Marsha42
      Marsha42 commented
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      Have you been with someone who cheated on you or have you thought of cheating on your partner before?

    • LowBlowJojo
      LowBlowJojo commented
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      Yes, I have thoughts of cheating before especially in my teenage years but I no longer like playing right now.

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    For me, A cheater is always a cheater and I don't believe that cheating will be a relationship saver. For me it's like a virus, it's very contagious and it's deadly.


    • Labra990
      Labra990 commented
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      I was imagining that you were talking about the corona virus when you said contagious and deadly. Do you always feel that cheaters are like virus?

    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      Sounds like you've been cheated by a guy before that's why you think that cheating will not save your relationship.

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    If you are really hoping that cheating will save you because of infidelity then you might get it wrong since for me cheaters never prosper.


    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      What if by getting caught getting it would make the cheater realize that what they did is wrong and they returned to their original partner and tried to work it out with them.

    • JessaMINELO
      JessaMINELO commented
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      She might have read about this somewhere that is why she's asking for our opinion about this one.

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    Based on the answers that was written it looks like everybody doesn't think that it is possible.


    • Olga78
      Olga78 commented
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      Do you agree with what most of the members have said here or you think that it is possible for them to get back together.

    • Mariannelou
      Mariannelou commented
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      That's a given since the odds of that happening was really slim.

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    I'm not sure because what we are talking about is cheating and it's the common factor that ruins our relationship.


    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      I bet they will learn from their mistake that's why she is questioning if it can save them in the future since cheating makes them repent on their actions.

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    For me, it doesn't really make sense that cheating can save a relationship that's why if you want to have an affair then you better be good at hiding and making it discreet.


    • Shanti55
      Shanti55 commented
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      She might be talking about what happened next when your partner found out that you cheated. Like going to couples therapy and rekindling your relationship because of it.

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    I think cheating will only make you better in bed and you will learn new tricks because you will have more sex experience with cheating.


    • rennie32
      rennie32 commented
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      Don't you think that your guy might ask you all of a sudden where you learned your new tricks?

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    The only time that will work is when being caught cheating makes you go see a couples counselor.