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Confronting an ex

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  • Confronting an ex

    Okay, you broke up with your ex. Not everything sunk in at that time. After some time, when the dusts finally settled, you realized lots of things. Now, would you confront your ex with the things from the past? Remember, you broke up with him already and quite some time had already passed.

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    Lol. What? You took long before realizing lots of things? Were you that slow? Anyway, no need to confront him. There is no reason anymore. Both of you are no longer in a relationship. There is no point in throwing back old stories.


    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Lol, everything just sank into you and you realized this and that? It's already been said and done, you're ex will just laugh at you for acting like that.

    • AddyWilliams
      AddyWilliams commented
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      There is no need to confront him. Hello, you should have done it at the time of the breakup and not long after the breakup. You are so delayed already/. Lol.

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    I would confront it even if I was already too late. At least, I could vent out the pains and grudges that I keep inside me. It is better to release them than to suffer from keeping the bitterness on my self.


    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      I sometimes do that and it helps me relieve my inner stress. I cannot find my inner peace if I cannot tell him that our past is something that still bothers me up to this day.

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    I think the problem is with me, why the hell would be all too late for me to realize all these things? The past is already in the past and I don't want t go back and remember where things have gone wrong, I'll just forget about it like that.


    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      As they say, you will soon realize the things that matter to you most when it's already gone. But why is there a need for you to confront your ex when everything is done? Move on, man. You have better things to do than just this.

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    Could we say that if you do confront your ex after a long time had passed, you are a very slow person? So slow that you have not thought all those things at the moment of your breakup with your partner.


    • 4never
      4never commented
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      Yes! That is the conclusion that we could have here. If she was not slow in thinking, then she would have stated all those things at the day of their break up.

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    I would still confront him. I know that it is already too late, but at least I could release my emotions. In that way, I would have my own closure and finally the peace on my life.


    • NathaneJG
      NathaneJG commented
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      If that will help you then talk to him about it. Confront him in an easy way, of course, no one likes screaming and shouting. Talk to him about the things in your relationship about how things went wrong.

    • MKellyK
      MKellyK commented
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      Okay, if that makes you happy. Anyway, yeah, that would do. It is for your own good. Never mind if you would look so foolish in doing a late confrontation.

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    If it's in the past then it should be in the past. Why do I need to have the time to confront my ex if I should be busy with other things instead? Complete waste of time for me to argue or confront someone, plus, it is not healthy for my mental health.


    • sweetgal12
      sweetgal12 commented
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      Yeah. You should just keep yourself busy with other things instead of confronting your ex. After all, you still can't bring back your relationship when you do that.

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    If it has been long since our breakup, I wouldn't confront my ex anymore because that just seems petty to me. There is no reason for me to do that because he is already in the past and what I should do is move on from that.


    • CarolNM
      CarolNM commented
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      Yes. Of course, no need to confront a person who dumped you in the past. Moving on is the best thing to do.

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    Having those realizations is enough, I wouldn't want to associate myself to him anymore. That seems to be the illogical thing to do. After all, we already broke up a long time ago and there is absolutely no need to bring up the past.


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      No, I won't confront my ex let alone talk to hi. I will just keep those realizations to myself because in that way, what happened in the past wouldn't be brought in the present.


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        People who contact their exes long after their break up are those who haven't moved on. I am not one of those people that's why I wouldn't confront my ex about the realizations that I had. I wouldn't even think about him at all.


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          I am not really sure. If the realizations that I had will make me achieve closure, then I'll do that. But if those realizations can only make me stuck even more, then I surely won't confront my ex.