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Reasons for breakup?

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  • Reasons for breakup?

    Before getting into a relationship, a person should get to know more the person that he/she likes. This is the best foundation of a relationship. But people who already know so much about their partner and seem to be perfectly fit for each other still break up. Which makes me wonder the possible explanation for this. Why do people break up? What seems to be the possible reasons?

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    If you were together for a long time already, it's highly possible that there has been many changes in the personality of your partner and you are not used to it. So I think people break up because of the changes in personality and attitude.


    • ElishaBrandin
      ElishaBrandin commented
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      Like, in your case, you have seen that your girl had turned into a drama queen, right? lol. Well, most girls are drama queens so what can we do?

      ONENINE commented
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      What can you suggest to do in order for us to know the real personality of the man?

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    Couples break up because they fell out of love. But then, they fell out of love because they saw someone new and they realized that that someone new is the right one for them.


    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      Yes, that could be the reason behind it. Well, there's nothing we can do about it, they should accept the fact that people do tend to fall out of love and if they ever see someone new then it's best to stick with them.

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    People break up if they've been falling out of love, if the other one cheats, or if the other just wants to be single for good. What else can I say? There are no perfect relationships but it takes two to tango right?


    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      Since you've mentioned that it takes two to tango, it kinda reminds me of the reason why my ex and I broke up. I realized that I was the only one fixing our relationship, I was the only one who's deeply in love with him, but for him? He just cheated his way out of our relationship, such a devastating breakup that I've dealt with in a long time.

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    They got tired of each other. That is the main reason why a couple breaks up. They do not want the other person anymore. They could have seen some negative traits and so they did not want that person anymore.


    • AbsTrack
      AbsTrack commented
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      Could you get tired of the person who you love? I do not think so. You break up with your partner because there is no love anymore.

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    People break up due to someone cheated. That someone cheated because he/she wanted to have someone else already. They had seen someone to love more than their current one.


    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      I think that cheating is the most common reason why couples break up. Commonly, the men would do the cheating. Of course, women are not exempted from it.

    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      I believe that this is the reason why most couple do break up. One cheated the other person. Mostly, the men are the cheaters. Why? I do not know.

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    Believe it or not, some people would break up because they had seen that their partner had a bad behavior. Why would you continue to be with someone who is not good?


    • NathaneJG
      NathaneJG commented
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      If it is the first time that I've seen this kind of bad behavior of my partner, I will call him out for that and try to talk to him. I won't resort to breaking up immediately. That would be a haste decision.

    • aria75
      aria75 commented
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      Is that because the men put their best foot forward in the beginning then the truth came out in the middle of the relationship?

    • Cransha30
      Cransha30 commented
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      When your partner is acting bad already, then it is time to let go of him. Do not believe that he would change just for you.

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    Some couples do break up due to one of them or even two of them are liars. We do know that we could not trust people who constantly lie, right? There should be trust in order for the relationship to be maintained in a good condition.


    • doggygirl
      doggygirl commented
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      Those kind of couples are usually the ones who do not have genuine feelings for each other. That's why they can stomach lying and cheating to their partners which usually result to a breakup.

    • Shanti55
      Shanti55 commented
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      I would like to have a partner who is true all throughout. That is, someone who does not lie even for those small white lies. He just need to tell what it is and I'll be fine with it.

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    I think couples break up because they can't treat each other well anymore. They can't love and take care of them in ways that they used to before. They probably want to feel how they felt in the past.


    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      It could be that a person had already changed. People change as we are not constant. One person still wanted the old person but that person had already changed.

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    Couples break up because they find something in other people that they cannot find in their current partners. In short, they are looking for something new.


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      People break up because they lost the spark in their relationship. Maybe one of them got tired of the attitude of the other one. Or maybe one of them just fell out of love and is already not interested into regaining that love again.


      • Shaialyn23
        Shaialyn23 commented
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        Is it possible that you woke up one day and found out that you had lost your love for that person?