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  • Deleting photos

    After a break up, do you delete his photos and your photos together?
    As for me, no, I do not. The photos remain on my phone but I won't be looking at them anymore. They would just be memories and nothing else.

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    When a relationship is over, I delete the photos that we have. If I keep the photos, my present partner might get jealous over it and it might cause a fight between us and I do not want that to happen.


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      You never tried saving them on a hard drive or something? If you still have them on display at your place, the guy would definitely be pissed off by it

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    I would just try and hide them while I'm recovering. Since there are certain nights that I would look at them so I can cry my eyes out lol


    • MKellyK
      MKellyK commented
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      What? Do you really do that one? You are just making your self look like an idiot.

    • NYCutie
      NYCutie commented
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      LOL. I also do that one! Why do we have a similar way of treating those photos?

    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      And how long are you going to do those cry yourself to sleep nights?

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    If I sense that we are already on the rocky side, I would already begin deleting some photos so by the time that we finally broke up, no photos would already be left anymore.


    • Brittney01
      Brittney01 commented
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      Same, I will delete all of our photos even if we're just having a petty fight lol!

    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      Ah! What a drama queen. What would happen when the two of you suddenly got back together? Totally deleted photos would not be recovered anymore.

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    I save at least one just for a reference or a remembrance. There's nothing wrong about it.


    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      I usually save two or five, it depends if that was a hot ex.

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    I would try and keep some of them on my phone or just save them on an external hard drive with all my old files


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      I still have a folder of our pictures together on my hard drive. It's nice to look at memories but the person I'm with has changed.

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    I delete every photo I have with girls I ever dated with, except friends and family.


    • INeedSome1
      INeedSome1 commented
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      Even the dirty or naughty ones that she sent to you? Or you keep them in a special folder so that you can put it on a slide show and jack off while looking at them

    • ThristyMisty
      ThristyMisty commented
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      INeedSome1 I bet he does have a special folder for those kinds of photos. Most guys I know have a collection of nude selfies of their exes.

    • RopeShow
      RopeShow commented
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      I do not believe you. Men keep souvenirs of their women. Well, not the wholesome photos but the dirty ones. lol.