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  • Let's Be Friends?

    Do you think that you can be friends with your ex? Or has any of you tried to be friends with them?

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    I'm willing to be civil towards them when we cross paths, but I don't think that I want to be friends with them


    • NathaneJG
      NathaneJG commented
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      Why is that you don't want to be friends with any of your exes?

    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      NathaneJG We can say that I am still bitter towards them.

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    If we started out as friends and ended the relationships in somewhat good terms, there is a chance that I'm willing to be friends with them. The question is she willing to be friends with me
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    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      Are you going to be friends with her immediately or you have to be totally over her before being friends with her again?

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    Not sure that they would be interested in being friends with me


    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      Why would you say that?

    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      ChokeMe I think they are still bitter when I left them.

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    Yeah, I am open to becoming friends with my exes.


    • Jasmmy76
      Jasmmy76 commented
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      Even the ones you had a nasty breakup with?

    • partyhard6
      partyhard6 commented
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      Jasmmy76 Yes since I do not have any more bitterness in me. I already forgive them.

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    If you the break up was recent, I think that's not a good idea because one of you might try and rekindle the relationship


    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      Have you actually done that? You agreed to be friends with him in the hopes that it would restart your relationship?

    • MonStar
      MonStar commented
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      How many years does it have to take before you can say that you're ready to be friends with him

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    I don't do friends with my enemies so are my exes.


    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      Even if the break up is mutual understanding?

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    I'm willing to be friends with them a few years after breaking up with them


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      That is a wise decision.

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    I tried to be friends with my ex but their new girl friend won't let him.


    • Shaialyn23
      Shaialyn23 commented
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      Maybe she afraid that you're gonna get back together again.

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    I tried once but I feel ashamed when I finally moved on.


    • PussyGalore
      PussyGalore commented
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      Did you try to be friends with him, is that what you saying?

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    I am actually friends with my exes because I don't harbor any hatred towards them.


    • Brittney01
      Brittney01 commented
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      I am amazed by you since when it comes to that, it's hard to do.

    • WendyShakes
      WendyShakes commented
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      Brittney01 It's hard if still hold on to the past.

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    Being "friends" sounds like you have plans to get back together at some point.


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      Not really friends, I will say our relationship is more like an acquaintance.