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  • Period Sex

    Has any of you actually had sex while you're having your period? And what do you say to your guy if he's doesn't mind to do it with you even if blood is gushing out of our pussy?

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    I've done it once but it was during when my period is almost over. Never done during the first few days of it


    • MarlaZinger
      MarlaZinger commented
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      So there's still blood when you had sex?

    • SkykesNM
      SkykesNM commented
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      Do you still enjoy having sex when your period is almost over?

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    I would just tell him that it would be much better if he waited a few more days and if he still insisted I would tell him that we would do it over at his place and he would be the one who's going to clean up the mess


    • NathaneJG
      NathaneJG commented
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      Are you going to let him fuck you bareback after your period?

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    Never done it and have no plans of doing it since most of the guys that I've been with know that I'm a bit moody during my period


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      I don't think that any man will be willing to have sex with a woman during her period.


      • PussyGalore
        PussyGalore commented
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        Wrong! My boyfriend is obsessed with it. I personally don't like it, but I'll do anything for my baby. <3

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      Done it with an ex who's a fan of the band Slayer. He would play their song Raining Blood while we're fucking during my period


      • sweetlove
        sweetlove commented
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        Not sure if anybody can beat this answer lol

      • Jennstone71
        Jennstone71 commented
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        sweetlove yeah, she might have the best answer here. Hands down lmao

      • GoldieSnitch
        GoldieSnitch commented
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        Let's just hope that no Slayer fan would ever see this answer lol

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      Originally posted by doggygirl View Post
      Done it with an ex who's a fan of the band Slayer. He would play their song Raining Blood while we're fucking during my period
      I'm a metal fan and I think you just ruined that song for me


      • Jennie03
        Jennie03 commented
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        Why did it gave you a mental image of a guy who's drenched with period blood? LMAO

      • Jasmmy76
        Jasmmy76 commented
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        Jennie03 it can be worse like having his entire face covered with period blood while he's eating her pussy

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      No way I will ever do this, I don't want to create a bloody mess, that will be disgusting.


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        Yes, I don't mind having sex when I'm on my period. It's really up to the guy if he wants it bloody.


        • JazzPer
          JazzPer commented
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          I'm willing to do it with you but not during the days that the flow is heavy

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        I have never tried this before!


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          My partner and I had sex while I was on my period, on accident. We were both drunk as hell and we woke up with bloody bed sheets and a bloody dick.


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            I love it, but I hate the mess it leaves. We would do it on the floor, but then it's very cold and uncomfortable.