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  • Unexpected phrases

    Have you been with a friend who has told you stuff or phrases that are unexpected, like you don't know how you would react to it? I was hanging out with my friend last week and he suddenly told me this phrase "my wife wants to peg me". I just stare at him and asked him if his ass is ready for it? He said maybe. Lol

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    Mine was "is saving cum possible?" I almost puke.


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      At least your friend is somewhat prepared if that possibly happens. How about you, are you ready to get pegged? AmethystRockStar


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        A friend told me that his ex gave him a blow job once. But the girl is not that good at it so he ended up jacking off. When he came, he told her " Have a taste of my cum"


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          I guess that asking a girl if she's fine if we try ass to mouth is not appropriate


          • MarcyPlayground
            MarcyPlayground commented
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            Did she slap you immediately after you asked that question?

          • AbsTrack
            AbsTrack commented
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            Lol! What was her reaction with that?

          • LowBlowJojo
            LowBlowJojo commented
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            She threatened me to withhold sex for a year if I try to do that to her. Was lucky that she didn't slapped me because of my question

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          Okay, this happened last Saturday we're talking about one of my friends ex's when suddenly he show up, then one my fried just said "Oh my God, I just wet my panties" and we were all shocked.


          • MarlaZinger
            MarlaZinger commented
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            What kind of wetness are you talking about here? Is it because of pee or you saw something that made you horny?

          • TittyTassle
            TittyTassle commented
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            I guess what she meant was that her friend felt horny when she saw her ex. Lol!

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          Should have just told him, "good for you" and laughed non-stop lol


          • AmethystRockStar
            AmethystRockStar commented
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            I was thinking of not answering him back, but I really can't help it. So, I just laugh it all out.

          • JazzPer
            JazzPer commented
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            If that was my friend, I might knock him off, while laughing lol!

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          At least he thinks that he is ready for it. How about you? Is your ass ready to get pegged?


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            Someone asked me if I'm into anal sex. I just ignored her like I didn't hear what she said.


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              There was a guy that I hooked up with who would suddenly blurt out "holy mother of god" whenever he enjoys that sexual thing that I'm doing to him