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Piercings on your Clits

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  • Piercings on your Clits

    hey yoh ladies.. lol just really wondering, will putting piercing on your clits makes a difference in sex? How about you guys? does it make you more excited? I really want to try that but I wanna know if it's worth it.. Thanks !

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    This one is so cool but I never had the courage to do it. It's like how will I be able to pee for days until the wound gets okay? lol I do not know any woman who has this as well.


    • Sia55
      Sia55 commented
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      I think only porn stars has this.. lol it will be weird for us to actually have this, We might be mistaken as strippers or escorts

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    Nah, I would pass on this. I think the pain I will experience is not worth it.


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      just imagining something piercing my clits.. I might die of pain .. not pleasure.. blessed are those for the brave souls


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        this is too painful. I wanted to try one but when I saw my friend getting one she almost had an infection. totally not worth it


        • SkykesNM
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          it's worth it hunny. pain is everywhere, and this is worth the pain. the man will turn into a ballistic missile fucking you with your piercing on your clits.

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        It really is hot if a girl has piercing in their clits. the feeling when a hard dick is pushing into the pussy and that metal gives the tingling feeling. aaaaaahhhhhhhh. just remembering the feeling of it makes me want to cum