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Dating a Single Dad

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  • Dating a Single Dad

    Let's say you meet a cute and smart guy online, He invited you out for a dinner date and you feel that he meets every criterion on your boyfriend material list, except for one thing: He is a single dad. Will you still consider dating him? or Will you date a single dad who possesses the qualities that you like?

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    I don't see anything wrong with dating a single dad. As long as his kid is still a child and not in their teens.


      ONENINE commented
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      Are you going to immediately stop dating if he tells you that his child is a teen already?

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    I've dated one before and luckily I wasn't able to meet his kid. Not sure how I would tell him what to call me in case the child asked.


    • GraceASD
      GraceASD commented
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      You can just tell him or her to call her whatever he/she wants or even by your first name so that it wouldn't be awkward for you.

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    If we have something in common, then I might be willing to give it a try with him. I don't see anything wrong with it.


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      I thought you are going to say that you're a single mom and its the best partner for a single dad but the kids are going to be a problem.

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    That will not be a problem with me since I've dated on before and even have male friends who are single dads as well.


    • JessaMINELO
      JessaMINELO commented
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      How was your relationship with the child of your ex? Were the two of you sorta friends when you dated his/her dad?

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    I'm open to date any single dad and I have no problem if I happen to deal with their child as long as he is cute and smart then it won't worry me to be with him.


    • queenbee
      queenbee commented
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      Are you talking about the single dad who is the cute and smart one and not the kid?

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    I'll give it a go but I don't know if I'll ever be serious since it's hard to develop a relationship with someone's kid. I will try it and see how far it goes.


    • Shanti55
      Shanti55 commented
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      So you're going to exert more effort into having a good relationship with his kid rather than with him?

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    I wouldn't commit myself to him but I wouldn't mind dating a single dad. I'm not at the point of my life where I want to be a mother or a mother figure. I want to start a family with my own kid and not someone's children.


    • Synthia14
      Synthia14 commented
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      Just because you're dating a single dad, it doesn't mean that you have to a mother figure to his child or children.

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    Yes. I'd find it a little relieving because they've already gotten to do the whole reproduction thing and it's not on me. I love kids but I don't want to be pregnant and give birth.


    • rennie32
      rennie32 commented
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      What's the reason why you're not interested in having your own child?

    • Mariannelou
      Mariannelou commented
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      Do you want only men to have suck on your titties that's why you don't want to have a child? lol