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Guy being a Bedroom flop

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  • Guy being a Bedroom flop

    So Ladies, Would you dump a guy assuming he is satisfactory but is useless at sex? Like he gets too tired immediately or cannot sustain an erection.

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    If he is having an erectile dysfunction won't you consider giving him viagra or cialis? I think it will help him if you ever stash one and try if it will make a difference.


    • ElishaBrandin
      ElishaBrandin commented
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      I'm also thinking that he should get some hard-on pills. My men love it when he took one of those and he's revitalized.

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    I would suggest that he should get a prescription for that magic blue pill. I was expecting that you're talking about a guy who's a lazy partner. Because I don't mind being with one as long as he can make it hard. I can do all the work if I have to.


    • MarcyPlayground
      MarcyPlayground commented
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      Maybe if your so talented and have a skill of giving him a great handjob then in no time, his dick will be so hard and then he can make love to you.

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    I'm not going to dump him solely for that reason. But I would suggest that he has to find a way for us to enjoy sex together or else it might make me decide to find a new guy to be with.


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      I know a guy who gets tired but for sustaining an erection, I've never been with those peeps and I'll not dump him because of sex performance issues.


      • TittyTassle
        TittyTassle commented
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        Yeah, but your sex life is going to be trouble if ever he can't have an erection.

      • JazzPer
        JazzPer commented
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        So what's going to be the reason why you're going to breakup with him if you're willing to stay with him even if he has problems when it comes to performing in the bedroom.

      • Jazza76
        Jazza76 commented
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        Have you met a guy who is like this? I mean the onle who is lazy in sex? Caroline26

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      Yes, I'm definitely going to break up with him. I would let it slip if he's an excellent partner but the only problem is when it comes to sex. But since you've mentioned that he's only satisfactory and can't get it hard, then it is definitely over between the two of us.


      • GoldieSnitch
        GoldieSnitch commented
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        If he has a great personality, does it mean that you're willing to stay with him?

      • Caroline26
        Caroline26 commented
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        GoldieSnitch Yeah I guess and I don't know if I can withstand a guy who can't be good in bed.

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      Has he told you why he's having problems keeping it hard and why he's always exhausted? Why not tell him to have himself checked in order for him to find out what's happening with him.


      • CalmTits
        CalmTits commented
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        She might have told him about it and just ignored her suggestion to have his dick checked.

      • MarrahJA
        MarrahJA commented
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        MarrahJA Ow gosh! I wonder why he ignored it.

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      If the man I'm with gets to cum so early and also got a small weiner then I'll dump him immediately because we will surely have a boring sex life.


      • ShayaLDF
        ShayaLDF commented
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        Did you experience being with a man like that? Cums to early and had a small dick?

      • ThristyMisty
        ThristyMisty commented
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        So you're going to stay with him if he only has one those problems that you mentioned?

      • INeedSome1
        INeedSome1 commented
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        ShayaLDF Luckily I don't. 6 inches is fine with me. ThristyMisty Probably not but we will actually see.

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      I would suggest to go out with me if you want to be with somebody who's not a bedroom flop.


      • PussyGalore
        PussyGalore commented
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        Are you sure that can satisfy her properly in the bedroom and she would ask for more?

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      If he is useful on something else then I'll keep him since I don't always rely on the guy's performance during sex. Maybe he is useful for other things.


      • MarlaZinger
        MarlaZinger commented
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        Sounds like what you're looking for is a helper based on how you answered the question lmao.

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      Never been with a guy who can't sustain an erection and he should have told me beforehand that he can't have an erection so I won't be disappointed.


      • queenbee
        queenbee commented
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        If he tells you immediately that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction are you still going to date him or not?

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      It hasn't crossed your mind that you might be bad at sex that's why he's telling you those excuses?


      • darkside9
        darkside9 commented
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        Is that an excuse that you've used on an ex before that's why you're trying to defend the guy?

      • Sia55
        Sia55 commented
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        Why are you placing the blame on the girl all of a sudden? Has a woman told you that before and this is your way of getting back at her?

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      I don't like that kind of guy, I would not meet him again if ever.