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Men liking tall women

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  • Men liking tall women

    What can you say about men who like tall women? I am talking about the men who like to hit women who are taller than they are. Is it consider a fetish or are they just too brave to hit on women who are taller than they are? Obviously, I am talking about men who are not that tall but still moving on and taking the chance to be with tall women.

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    Most small men that I know have partners who are smaller than they are. I think that there are only few men who are brave enough to hit women who are taller than they are. I guess that they just wanted to test the waters if those taller women would hit them back.


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      Could it be that those men are just too bold to ask women who are taller than they are? I do not think that it is nice to see a couple where a woman is taller than a man. Of course, there is no rule that prohibits a man from having a taller partner.


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        Those men are brave and have the balls to get what they want. Never mind if they are shorter than the women whom they want to have. Well, as long as the height difference is not great, then there should not be any problem.


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          Am I going to say that it is about having a dream here? Could they be thinking that having taller women might look good on their side? Well, I do not know.


          • addictedcansi
            addictedcansi commented
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            Look good on their side? Of course, not! A woman who is taller and walking side by side to her shorter boyfriend does not look good.

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          How about if they are just thinking of creating a better genetic makeup for their kids? If someone short would marry someone who is also short, then their kids would also be short. When those men choose to have taller women, their kids would have a chance to be taller, too.


          • CarolNM
            CarolNM commented
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            This is a forward thinking kind of reasoning but it is actually reasonable enough. The men just want good things for their future kids. Not bad to me if better genetic makeup is what they are after.

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          Not sure that counts as a fetish. Maybe that's just their type


          • doggygirl
            doggygirl commented
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            Actually, it is a fetish. The term that they use is tall girl fetish. There is also a term for liking anything big like tall women and may fall under macrophilia.

          • Cransha30
            Cransha30 commented
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            Yes, it could be just a simple preference on their sides. They want tall women now, then after some time, their preference would change.

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          If it is only a couple of inches, I don't think that they're going to have problems with it. If it is more than a foot already, he might have a real fetish for tall women.


          • AmethystRockStar
            AmethystRockStar commented
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            How about you? Are you willing to date a guy who's a few inches shorter than you?