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  • removing the rubber

    girls what do I do when he wants to have sex without a condom but I don't want to
    but I really love him and thinking of allowing him do it but I'm scared of getting
    pregnant taking the pills

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    That's a big no if you are not ready for a condomless sex experience then you should
    talk to your boyfriend because you won't even enjoy the sex because your always worried
    and in regards of the pills talk to your physician so you can be sure


    • Olga78
      Olga78 commented
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      Birth control pills aren't enough to stop pregnancy, which is why couples sometimes still use condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies. And of course, it is the only way to be sure that both parties are safe.

    • PinkDeedee
      PinkDeedee commented
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      Olga78 Is there a study that states that birth control pills are not enough to stop pregnancy? I think that it is very effective in preventing pregnancy. Even injectables as a birth control method is very good at keeping someone pregnant.

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    But you are taking pills, so you should not worry. I do not think that you would get pregnant that easily as you have been taking your pills. Stop your worries, and go on having sex with him with no condom on.


    • Sia55
      Sia55 commented
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      I have to agree with you. If she is taking her birth control pills, then there is nothing to worry about. But for me, I guess that the injectables are better as you won't need to drink your pill daily.

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    Does he insist on not having a condom? Have you asked him for his reason why he does not want to wear one when you have sex? I think that pills are good ways on not to get pregnant. I guess that you could go on and have a bareback sex with him.


    • maritte029
      maritte029 commented
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      If you're going to have bareback sex with your man, make sure that you are ready to get pregnant especially if you haven't started taking pills too.

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    You can have sex without letting him use a condom on but make sure that he knows how to withdraw properly especially when he's already near. Also, why is there a need to be scared of taking birth control pills? You should consult your OB-GYNE about that and she will give you advice on which birth control pills you're going to take.


    • darkside9
      darkside9 commented
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      But they say that withdrawal is one of the bad feelings out there. I know that some men do not like doing that stuff. I also know that they there are men who won't really withdraw their cocks when they are about to cum.

    • Shaialyn23
      Shaialyn23 commented
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      Nope. I do not like the withdrawal method. I know that it is difficult on their part to withdraw. I know that most men want to keep their cum inside their partners.

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    I remember the times when I used to date my ex-boyfriend, I usually use pills if I don't want him to be using condoms on when we usually have sex. It turns out great, I did not get pregnant and I'm 100% safe. Oh, and I usually have monthly checkups for possible sexually transmitted diseases which would result in negative or no findings at all then next is I would visit my personal OB-GYNE.


    • GianneQW
      GianneQW commented
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      I bet your ex was really happy to have as a girlfriend since you let him fuck you without any protection

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    I would suggest that you pretend that okay with it and tell him that you're actually looking for a guy who's willing to have bareback sex since you want to have a child already


    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      How about you? Are you already thinking of having a child of your own?

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    If you're dating exclusively and you're taking the pills, I think that it is okay to have raw sex with him from time to time


    • addictedcansi
      addictedcansi commented
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      Yes! If he is clean and safe, and you're taking your pills with you, then there is nothing to be worried about.

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    It depends on the guy you're having sex with. If he's your boyfriend and been together for awhile, maybe it is okay to have sex with him without a condom. But you have to make sure that you're on the pill when you're doing it raw


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      Originally posted by CalmTits View Post
      I'm scared of getting pregnant taking the pills
      What kind of pills are you taking exactly? Are they fertility pills or birth control ones? If its the former, you would really end up pregnant. But if it is the latter, the chances of being pregnant is almost zero


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        Let us not be scared to go on bareback. Life is better when there is no condom during sex. I am not afraid to get pregnant as I know that my pills would protect me from unwanted pregnancies.


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          Just tell him that you're not interested of having bareback sex with him. If he really loves you, he would be forced to have sex with you using a condom


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            You don't have to worry about getting pregnant if you're on the pill. Are you too worried that you might accidentally miss taking one and end up being pregnant because of it?