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She's asking him WHAT?!

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  • She's asking him WHAT?!

    What can you say about women who has the guts to ask a guy out to have sex?
    Are they being aggressive? Are they liberated? Or are they just trippin'?

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    She's bold, she's sexy, she's open, she's just being herself! What else can I say? I'd be happy if she's expressing her thoughts about asking a guy out to have sex with her. Women should enjoy that as much as men would enjoy sex too, right?


    • sweetgal12
      sweetgal12 commented
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      Totally! Women have the right to her own body so she must enjoy every sex encounters that she's going to have. I bet that those 'boys' are just scared that they cannot control a brave woman like that!

    • ThristyMisty
      ThristyMisty commented
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      Bold and open, I must agree. But sexy? That would depend on the person. There are people who are not sexy physically.

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    I can say that they are tripping. A lady would never come up to a guy and says she wants to have sex with him. It might be some sort of prank, a social experiment or a dare game to see if the man would accept her invitation. Normally, I do not ask a guy to have sex with me, I'd wait for them to ask first and it could be a yes or no for me.


    • AmethystRockStar
      AmethystRockStar commented
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      I think those women might slightly be tripping, why? It would be unusual for me to be asked by a woman if she wants to have sex with me, I might look around to see if there are hidden cameras whatsoever and would like to make her ask the same things twice to me.

    • PurpleElla
      PurpleElla commented
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      If you keep on waiting to be asked, that time might never come. Both of you wasted each other's time.

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    Oooh, feisty she is! Well, at least she's asking just ONE guy if he wants to get down and dirty on her. If he declines then I'm sorry but he missed his chance already, she'll go and find another man that she can have sex with.


    • sweetlove
      sweetlove commented
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      What? She is hopping from one man to the other man asking for sex? I do not think that it s a good thing.

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    That is being liberated with aggressiveness. Normally, guys would ask men out, but there are women who go beyond the regular lines and ask for that thing. If the men like them, then good for them.


    • Labra990
      Labra990 commented
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      They really ARE aggressive and liberated. They know what they want and they wish that they could get whatever they want! I think it's normal for a woman to be like that if she's born expressive, we cannot change her for being that way.

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    They are courageous. Yes, those women have the guts to ask men out for sex. It would look somehow non-conventional, but I know that there are some women who go beyond the convention of waiting men to ask them out.


    • MKellyK
      MKellyK commented
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      Those women speak of what's going on in their minds. I think it's okay to be open about sex and to ask guys out for sex. Isn't that what men want? A woman asking him out for sex?

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    What?! Women who ask men for sex directly? Well, that is an embarrassment for me. I would not do it. I have some respect for myself. It could not be that I would be offering myself to those men. No way!


    • ElishaBrandin
      ElishaBrandin commented
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      How could that feel embarrassing to you? I'm concerned if one time you'd get so horny but you do not have the guts to ask a man for sex. How are you going to deal with that?

    • CalmTits
      CalmTits commented
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      There are some women who could not contain their horniness, so they muster enough courage to ask men directly. Some men would respond positively while others won't give in.

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    I bet that most men would agree to the offer immediately most specially if the woman offering it is attractive. Who would not want to have free sex, right?