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  • Will you?

    For the young women here, would you entertain a widowed old man in his early 60s? Note that this man is rich and willing to share all of his wealth with you. Yes, all of it. Are you willing to get married with him or not?

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    I need to know how rich he is first before I could to entertain him. If I would have to live like a princess, then there is no doubt that I would get married with him. Of course, it must be assured that all of his wealth must be shared with me.


    • PussyGalore
      PussyGalore commented
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      But what if he has children and grandchildren even if his filthy rich?

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    Getting married? Sure! No problem with me. But there is a reservation on my part, we should not have a child. If he agrees with that one condition, then let the wedding begin.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      Why are you not interested in having a child with him?

    • GoldieSnitch
      GoldieSnitch commented
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      Maybe he isn't gonna bear u a child, he just wants companion or someone he could share his wealth.

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    Nope, because I have no plans of being a widow before the age of fifty or taking care of someone who's almost twice my age


    • MKellyK
      MKellyK commented
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      He is rich so you do not need to take care of him. You could hire private nurses to take care of him should he become a bedridden.

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    I'm willing to marry him if he doesn't have any children. Because I don't want to end up fighting with them when it comes to the material possessions that he owns


    • NaughtyNCute
      NaughtyNCute commented
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      That's why I don't have plans on having children. I think they're a burden. I used to be one too lol

    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      But are you willing to share some wealth with his children?

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    Sadly, I'm not really into men who are as old as my dad. And besides there's a chance that he has children the same age or even older than me


    • AbsTrack
      AbsTrack commented
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      You got me on the part about children with the same age as you.

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    Rich, you say? And share the richness with me? I am gonna go with it. It is money, money, money. lol.


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      Are you all just willing to get married just for money?