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When a woman cheats

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  • When a woman cheats

    They say that when a woman cheats on a man, they can somehow forgive them countless of times but for them, it does surely crush their ego for what has been done.

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    Men think that they're the ones who can easily do the cheating part but when a woman cheats, it will hurt their fragile ego. But then again, cheating is not a good act, these women shouldn't be forgiven countless times, so it means to say that they are being tolerated for their acts like that?


    • LowBlowJojo
      LowBlowJojo commented
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      Everyone has their choice whether they would or would not want to cheat on their partners. There could be any reason for you to cheat on your partner but if you're in your right mind, you wouldn't want to do it, right?

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    Are you asking the guys here if that's true and what they would feel if that happens to them?


    • maritte029
      maritte029 commented
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      I think if a person cheated once or twice then it shouldn't be accepted anymore. They would dump them immediately upon knowing. A person that is once cheated by someone, they will find it hard to trust other people the second time around because they were once cheated by their partners.

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    Are you assuming that all of us would openly accept and forgive our partners when they cheated on us? Yes, it would crush our egos and much more but there is bigger chance that we would do the same thing that you ladies would be doing which is dump them


    • Jennie03
      Jennie03 commented
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      But some couples would not dump them immediately, they would plan an act of revenge and would cheat back as well. So, what can you say about that one? You know, some usually do that.

    • ChokeMe
      ChokeMe commented
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      Let us not assume that women would always be forgiven if they cheated. There would be some men who are martyrs; they would forgive their women. But, of course, the possibility that women would be dumped is also high once they cheated on their men.

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    Why are you making the assumption that they would gladly take the girl back even if they cheated on them? If I were a guy, I would immediately break up with her. Because if she's done it before, there's a chance that she would do it again


    • Olga78
      Olga78 commented
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      No one wants a cheating partner, not unless they're really in an open relationship then the other party is aware that his or her partner is getting laid with different guys or girls.

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    When women cheat, most men would leave them. Men are egoistic in nature. They would choose to cheat than to be cheated on. Do not think that your man would stay with you when he finds out that all you do is to cheat here and there.


    • TittyTassle
      TittyTassle commented
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      But it is unfair for those men to cheat on women and they're afraid if a woman ever cheats on him. Is that even normal to consider that men are cheaters in nature?

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    Women could be forgiven one time or two times, but not countless times. That is simply not possible. I do not think that men that too stupid to stay with their cheating girlfriends. Men do not want to be cheated on. It is not on their vocabulary, ever.


    • ElishaBrandin
      ElishaBrandin commented
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      Yeah, I can say that I wouldn't want to be with a man who would cheat on me countless times. Two is too much for me to bear already.

    • JeansFFF
      JeansFFF commented
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      Does it mean that you're willing to forgive your boyfriend if he cheats on you twice? doggygirl

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    Are you sure that being cheated will not ruin your ego also? I think that all genders would feel bad if they've been cheated on by their partners


    • NYCutie
      NYCutie commented
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      Maybe she's thinking that guys are the ones who are more concerned with their egos that's why she didn't think that we don't get hurt also when a guy cheats on us

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    How sure are you that men always take them back? Because most of my male friends who were cheated on, ended up breaking up with their girlfriends immediately


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      If the guy takes the girl back, there's a chance that he would cheat on her to let her feel what he felt when she cheated on him


      • darkside9
        darkside9 commented
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        Yeah! A good analogy over there. But that would fall under vindictive purpose. Well, to get even, then some men might be tempted to do that thing. But for me, it is no longer necessary to accept something who had cheated you. Why? That person could cheat you again in the future.

      • Sia55
        Sia55 commented
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        Talking about things of getting even. But do guys even do that thing? I believe that they would just dump their girls and that's it.

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      Men's egos would be crushed, and their women would be dumped. Well, most of the men who I know would be. Others, on the other hand, would not dump their women, but they would also cheat to make things even.


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        I think that the dumping rate for cheating partners has an equal rate. Whether you are a cheating man or a cheating woman, you would still be dumped by your partner. There is no statistics that stated that women would be forgiven more than the men if they committed the cheating.