I was planning to post this a few days after the last one, but I got busy and forgot about it. So here’s what happened once we moved in the shower.
Once we entered the shower, I noticed that that there were some toiletries and a couple of towels so I asked him if he knew that this would happen. He just tells me that he often leaves those things in handy in each house or apartment that he shows around since sometimes accidents happen or I need to freshen up. “So what happened a few minutes ago was an accident for you?” I asked while I was starting to stroke his dick. “Let’s just say that this counts as one of them but it is a happy one, right?” he replied. We started making out again while we’re underneath the shower. His kisses slowly made its way to my neck; then he took his time when it came to my tits. While he was alternately kissing the both of them his fingers were rubbing my clit. I then grabbed his head and pushed it lower towards my pussy in order for him to lick it. “God, you’re fucking good when it comes to eating my pussy” I moaned while my back was already against the wall. When he noticed that my legs were starting to be wobbly, he placed one of my legs over his shoulder and held my hips while his tongue went as deep as it can inside of me. After I came I told him that I would love to taste my juice so we locked lips again and the after taste of my juice that was still in his mouth made me even hornier. While our lips were still locked into each other, I grabbed his dick while rubbing its tip on the lips of my pussy. When he felt that my pussy was ready for his dick, he lets it slide inside of me. His thrusts were slow at first, then gradually going faster. He then told me he wanted to fuck me in the standing doggy position so that his dick can go balls deep on me. I turned my back against him and bend over. Once I was bent over he went balls deep on me immediately which made me bite my lips in pleasure. After a couple of minutes we came almost at the same time and finally took a proper shower.