I was looking for a new place for myself to moved in since my old roommate just gotten married and can’t afford the place we’re staying in by myself. So I got a hold of a local real estate agent to show me some units that were within my budget.
So we set a weekend to check all the places that he has for me. There were 4 apartments that we would be checking that day. While checking the first two apartments he was already making small talk and asking as to why I’m looking for a new place. Told him that the reason and added that the old place that I’m staying in have memories that I would rather forget. I just ended a relationship the same time my roommate got married. When he found out that I was single he got flirtier while showing me around the 3rd apartment.
Once we’re at the last apartment, that’s where things got extra hot. While we were in the kitchen I intentionally brushed my hand in his crotch that has quite a bulge. “Looks like you’re packing down there” I told him as I lustfully bit my lips. “You can have a look-see of it as well if you want” he replied. So I went to grab his crotch and grabbed the back of his neck to kiss him. While our tongues were having a duel, I unbuttoned his pants so that I could start stroking his dick. When I grabbed it was already hard and ready to be stroked. He was definitely packing since I could use both of my hands to stroke the shaft and the head was still showing. After a few strokes minutes of stroking his dick, he then lifts me to the counter and removed my panties (I was wearing a summer dress that’s why he was able to remove my panties easily). Once he gotten them off, he went down on my pussy have a few licks of it to get it all wet and ready for his dick. He made sure that I would beg for him to fuck me already the way he teased my pussy. First, he just rubbed the head of dick to my clit before letting it slide inside my pussy me. When he finally went balls deep on me, I accidentally bit his shoulders because of how big and girthy his dick was. While he was pounding away on me, his hands have been mashing my breasts as well. So I removed my dress so that he could play with them and suck on my nipples as well. When we finished, we’re both sweaty and I was lying on the counter. He suggested that we hit the shower to freshen up and had another round there. I ended up taking the place and a short NSA with him as well.