This happened during one of me and my then boyfriend’s vacations in South East Asia. We stayed in a resort that has a nice view of the ocean. Once we’re able to leave our bags in our villa we immediately headed to the beach which was almost empty. It was off-season when we went there so there are about 8 groups of visitors that were checked in the resort. We spent most of the day just swimming our just lounging by the beach and having some drinks.
Before we headed back to our villa, my then boyfriend was feeling a bit naughty and whispered to me to look at his crotch area and there I saw that it was starting to bulge because he was feeling naughty at the time. So we went to one of the shower rooms by the beach so that we can do the deed. Once inside the shower he immediately kissed me torridly while both our hands explored each other’s bodies. I was stroking his dick when he put aside my bikini top so that he could suck on my nipples which made it extra hard. He was alternating on both my nipples while his fingers are having fun by rubbing my clit and sliding inside my pussy. After a few minutes of exchanging torrid kisses, and exploring each other’s bodies, he finally slid his hard dick. He was pounding me in the standing doggy position while his hands were groping my breasts. The way he fucked me was so intense that I came a couple of times before he shot his load inside my pussy.
We tried to keep it simple as we exited the shower room, but I knew the other guests definitely knew what happened inside.